January 7, 2013

Don't you just feel warm all over?  Our House and Senate representatives finally got their act together and came to an agreement so our country didn't go over the financial cliff. We all now have our direct line fix, for at least the next 2 months that is, until they have to deal with the next self imposed crisis, the debt ceiling. Everyone feels better until we all feel the pain in the next few months from the business owner to the wage earner.

They passed an additional year of unemployment benefits for those who have been out of work for the past 4 years and they used yours and my social security funds, or at least what was is left in the funds account. They retained the death tax that was set to expire from $5 million and return to $1 million this time permanently. If they had not there would be more people out of work as they lose their farms to the government and our country would lose even more G.D.P. that comes from these family farms. They raised taxes on everyone from $50,000 and up and kicked the real problem down the road once again and saved their own jobs.

What purpose does a government serve anyway?  It seems they steal from the halves and give to the have nots.  There are literally hundreds of programs that give money away to the population who have no money, no jobs and never completed their free high school education.  There are job training programs, which are proven to do little and a Department of Education which educates only a few and not the millions it should. Today we have 47 million people using food stamps, with no jobs to be found, who live in government funded housing and receive Medicaid for their broods. They were raised by a government that told them, we will take care of you because we know you can't do it yourself and they despise us for it.  Just like the countries that we give billions to every year whom won’t vote with us and hate us. 

We are addicted to credit and finance homes through a government owned Freddy and Fanny who failed years ago but is still propped up by our government. Our farmers are subsidized by our government not to farm and then have prices guaranteed for their crops. We have a tax code that is 7 feet tall, which no one understands except a computer program.  Accountants would be out of tax work if the code was simplified but then maybe they could go back to doing what accountants do such as keeping business books. That is, if there were any businesses left after the economic tsunami the bank bailouts caused and all the government regulations they impose on those nasty capitalists. We fly on subsidized airlines whose fares are lower than they should be, because our government also runs the costly air traffic control system and maintains our airports. We ride to work on subsidized transit systems, after privately owned ones went bankrupt because our government built paved roads.  We receive mail from a government postman, because it is illegal for a private company to deliver the mail. We watch TV and listen to radio on government licensed and owned frequencies.  We are prescribed drugs approved by the government that control us, numb us and poison us.  We purchase alcohol, cigarettes and now marijuana in Colorado that is taxed by our government to escape and relax from the stresses caused by too much work and worry. 

We conform to rules made up by our government in an effort, they say, to keep us safe.  Our homes and businesses are required to be built correctly to their standards out of the right material, in the right color within the right area of a lot. Our businesses must have the right number of fire extinguishers or a costly fire suppression sprinkling system they warrant right for our protection even at a car wash. We must drive cars and trucks designed to burn fuels approved by government.  We are the ones who serve them, we fix it when it breaks, we never complain, we do as we are told.  We pay for the roads we drive on and the police that are  supposed to keep us safe.  We purchase electricity, operate stores to sell goods, operate  restaurants that feed others, we hire and pay wages, use electricity, buy cars and pay to have them fixed, buy for our families and are totally controlled in every minute of our life by "government strangulation", Oh I meant regulation.  Their rules are made to control and infect every aspect of our lives in an attempt to tax and take from us, every last cent they can.  Never in history, has a nation which dared to call itself "free", been so controlled, dictated to and harassed by a government. We don't like it but we accept it as it has encroached insidiously and now overbearingly into every crevasse of our lives and so we accept it.

We are but a nation of servants indentured to a mindless, useless, and all powerful, wealth consuming, and enslaving government without any vote from its citizens it is supposed to serve.  Our entire life is controlled by Washington D.C. and its army of drones, regulation writing, dictators that work against us for their entire lives while they suck us dry.  Just think of the taxes you pay from Income taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, plus literally hundreds of other federal taxes on our beverages, phone lines, gas, clothing, cars, homes and everything else imaginable.  We give Caesar what Caesar is owed and then some more of our money to a government in Washington D.C. that never is satiated. They constantly borrow and print what they haven't already stolen from their servants. Today even our best creditors no longer want to mortgage our debt.  Our Treasury is buying its own debt, if you can imagine such a thing.  Kind of like a business that buys what it makes and calls itself a success.  Reminds me of General Motors and the "Cash for Clunkers" program that was sold to the masses to sell the cars they were now producing.  America is the largest employer and debtor nation on earth. Our debt is so large, that it can never be repaid. Our government is a bloated dead animal controlled by the Federal Reserve aristocracy that has absolute control over us and all phases of our lives, from birth to death.
The question is what does our government even produce?  Do they raise livestock, plant crops, manufacture anything, sell anything, or create any service for mankind? It is the business creators, the entrepreneurs and inventors who create and invent products or services that benefit literally everyone enriching and raising our quality of life. Yet what has government given us?  Absolutely nothing, but law books by the millions, a tax code that no one understands except a computer, regulations we must comply with or be shut down, wars over money, bail outs to the wealthiest to keep for themselves and gifts to foreigners who don't deserve or appreciate it. The great Henry Ford who created the modern day assembly line stated,"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."

If one is robbed today, the criminal gets a slap on the wrist, probation and a fine.  Likewise if you don't file and pay your taxes you will find an alert I.R.S. agent at your door ready to camp out at your business to audit your books and slap you with a big penalty. I am positive that if I hired five tax accountants and gave them my taxes I would get five different answers. Then what do they do with our tax money?  Mainly they use it to subsidize their life styles with cushy retirements, medical plans and even retirement packages for their spouses when they die.  They plan and spend for the so called military defense of the world and hire more cronies to legislate more rules and regulations on the trembling masses without the consent of those who paid the taxes in the first place.  They steal from you and I just like that criminal that robbed you and received no punishment.

Government has never made or accomplished anything at a profit.  They merely dole out money for votes, so the process can continue year after year. A hundred years ago, government didn't have programs to give handouts to the sick and the poor, the elderly or the hungry, the unions or the farmers.  There were no huge bureaucracies devoted to weakening our populace.  We were the strongest, wealthiest, most self sufficient nation on earth.  We are still the land of the free but I fear not for long.  We still have a beautiful country, with immense natural resources given to us by our make to use and enrich our lives, if they haven't been mortgaged to China already.  We are still a capable nation of smart, intelligent and diligent workers. We have, however,  been brainwashed into thinking that what our government gives us is free, never recognizing that it was at first taken from us to re-gift to others. The printing press keeps running day to night and night to day diluting our dollars just as a tax is collected without our permission.  The more they steal to redistribute, the weaker and poorer we all become.  They give to them the bread we make yet never ask nor require anything from those who take!  Today Americans are becoming weary, as Atlas was weary, in attempting to keep up our role in building and caring for the world we live in. Our governing officials are nothing more than charlatans who attempt to fool us into thinking that what they accomplish is sophisticated, life saving and all important to preserve our way of life.
My father always said, "The government should only do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves". Instead it seems our government has created more havoc in the past century than we could have possibly done on our own.  They have no conscience, no representation of their constituency and fail miserably day after day, month after month and year after year. Our government's motto seems to be, "If it moves tax it, if it slows subsidize it and if it stops bail it out!" Well, what if the average American worker, all of us just stopped moving, stopped working, stopped filing taxes and got on the same gravy train our government officials and welfare recipients are on? What would happen then? Makes you think who really is in charge and if the people could wag the dog without picking up arms?  What is it going to take to make the changes needed to get our country back on the right track?  Until then I will protect my family and buy silver and gold!  

Ms. Lewis writes for Siver Bear Cafe @