.50 oz. American Gold Eagle Coin Type 1


Each of the 2021 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Coins available in this product listing come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. These coins are available to purchase individually inside of plastic flips or inside of tubes with 40 coins. The 2021 date mark in the American Gold Eagle Series represents the 35th anniversary for the collection.

The United States Mint has plans to replace the long-running design on the reverse of these coins. The family of American bald eagles will be replaced by a new American bald eagle design in mid-2021, but for the launch of 2021 American Gold Eagles, the US Mint will continue with its use of the existing design combination of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the family of bald eagles on the reverse.

Lady Liberty features on the obverse of the 2021 American Gold Eagle Coin as designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This design was first created in 1907 and featured on the obverse of the $20 Double Gold Eagle Coin. The original design featured a ring of 46 stars around Liberty, reflective of the number of US states in 1907. In 1912, the number of stars grew to 48 to represent the addition of New Mexico and Arizona into the Union. For the 1986 debut of the American Gold Eagle, two additional stars were added to represent the 1959 admission of Alaska and Hawaii into the Union, bringing the total number of stars in this design to 50.

A family of American bald eagles is depicted in the reverse design of the 2021 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle. This design element depicts a male eagle in flight over the nest with a branch in its talons as a female eagle shelters in the nest with a young hatchling.