1 oz. Sunshine Mint Silver Round


When investing in 1 oz Silver rounds, you are investing in a Precious Metals considered valuable since ancient times. Silver bullion was first produced as early as 3000 B.C. in modern day Turkey to produce items ranging from jewelry to eating utensils. Silver has long been recognized as a sign of wealth, and this view led to the phrase, “born with a Silver spoon in your mouth.”

The silver used for these 1 oz Silver Rounds are also in high demand for industrial uses. Silver usage today has expanded well beyond its use as a store of a real tangible store of wealth.  The Silver used for Sunshine Minting Silver rounds is also used for industrial products like electrical contacts, photovoltaic cells and nanosilver inks. The applications for Silver are countless as Silver embodies so many useful qualities such as a resisting corrosion and oxidation, conducting electricity, being naturally antimicrobial and being malleable. As the demand for Silver increases for industrial uses, many believe these Silver rounds will increase in value and make even better investments.  Sunshine Minting MintMark SI security feature provides assurance of the .999 fine Silver content of this 1 oz Silver round.

The innovative Mint Mark SI™ security feature adds further authenticity to these .999 fine Silver rounds from the respected and widely recognized Sunshine Mint. Mint Mark SI™ helps verify the round’s origins and purity.