We woke up this morning to see Palladium at $2600 and the realization that our customers whom bought the unloved metal in 2016 have quintupled their investment. Most, though, are extremely sad feeling as if they missed the boat again.  We continue to feel that our glasses are merely half full.  It is hard to be optimistic as the Left owns the House and have tried unsuccessfully to impeach out legally elected President.  My prediction’s of obstruction by the LEFT continue to ring true.  The best part of my predictions is that it appears Trump has averted war for the time being, saved American lives and luckily has not yet had to address the dollar failing, as it is currently the “least ugly sister of all our national currencies”.
The Fed once again started up the printing presses last fall to avert a stock market crash, the only possible option they have which is extremely good for precious metals.  The Right has their fingers crossed that Trump will keep our train upright and on track while he burns up soon worthless money putting out fires in an effort to fuel his re-election.  Most wish he would stop with his verbose bragging about how responsible he has been for the stock market largess and just remind the populace that he has indeed addressed numerous problems he promised to address if elected. That, in itself, has been his strong suit and a far performance from past presidents who forgot their promises to their voters after they were elected. 
We actually have a lot to be thankful for. Now, if only our youth could only see what they actually enjoy while not suffering. The world is by far better than their grandparents experienced. Yes more complicated, but there is a myriad of modern products and technologies developed in the past 70 years have made our lives easier and better. If this does not seem to make sense, just think about your own home. They don’t recall a life without dishwashers, washer machines, dryers, vehicles, computers or televisions. Mobile phones they own have the computing power of room sized computers of the seventies that now take the place of a yearly Christmas cards, paper maps, planner, camera, flashlight, radio, compass, watch, CD player, newspaper and my Back Gammon board and other games. Do we have problems? Sure, but most of our problems have to do with our loss of a spiritual base and morality as our three legged stools topple unbalanced with only a physical and emotional leg and often times only one leg. Just consider that guns are inanimate objects used for good or bad.  They no more kill people than cars or knives do.  It is our lack of morality today whereby no life is sacred not even the unborn child that has led us down our current path of our choosing to destruction. 
Yes, our oceans are being destroyed by unregulated pollution, plastics are invading our bodies and our water is seriously not potable BUT we are developing and have developed technologies to correct some of these BIG problems.
Personally, I am grateful that I was able to assist my husband and father-in-law over the past two and a half years as he fought lymphoma. Today cancer can be prevented and is being treated successfully as the American Cancer Society reports the largest ever one year drop in the US cancer death rate, driven mainly by lower lung cancer mortality.  Better diagnostic tools are available today as are new drugs and better surgical techniques. Treatment for brain tumors, pancreatic and recently colo-rectal cancer are available, as are protocols for the dreaded late stage melanoma whose five year survival rate is now 52% and ten times better than it was a decade ago. 
My father in law (E.E.), brother & son (M.E.), all engineers report that our air quality has dramatically improved in all areas of the US and Europe. Actually most of the developed world and much of the developing world’s air quality has resulted in a 50% drop in sulfur emissions, an improvement, despite dramatic population and GDP growth over the past 50 years. All rather  stunning when you think about it while the media keeps reporting horror stories that the world will end unless we accept the Green Deal as they tout their new little, feel sorry for me mouthpiece, poor exploited and used Greta. 
Nuclear power plants are much safer today if not placed on natural fault lines, and there is clean coal and technologies to remove dangerous particulates but the purposed mandates for all wind and solar power is certainly NOT the answer if the sun decides not to shine or the wind blow.  If you really believe your media and that they report the truth just view this TEDS talk by deceased Swedish scientist Hans Rosling aptly named,  “How Not to Be Ignorant About the World”
His book is called  “Factfulness: 10 Reasons Why We Are Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better Than You Think”, an exceptionally good read.
This past summer, while discussing farming with my brother and brother-in-law, I received an education concerning chemicals such as fertilizer usage having dropped dramatically. The use of fertilizer skyrocketed from 1940 to about 1970 and has plateau and is actually beginning to fall. So we are producing far more with less fertilizer.  Production of corn and soybeans has dramatically increased 300% since 1975 when I  graduated and left for college while needing less rain water to accomplish such a feat.  We now produce 5 times more corn and soybeans than our father produced 70 years ago.
Today we use less electricity because of LED bulb technology lowering costs 75%. Modern buildings generally contain less steel and more of it is recycled. Offices are not yet paperless, but they use much less paper today. Our forests actually have expanded in the past 50 years and continue to grow with the world’s excess of CO2 and their output of oxygen necessary to assist our grasslands and woodlands. Logging, farming, livestock, and other human activities that had once decimated the forests in the early nineteen hundreds in the North Eastern states of New England and Connecticut are now large and lush green forests because we no longer use wood for fuel, 70% less wood for fuel. Wood used for paper is about the same, but comes from far more efficiently managed forests. Yes, we have fires devastating parts of the world but that is not the full picture the media tells. The ice cap is growing in Antarctica perhaps as the earth increases its tilt and erosion from farming practices that have silted our oceans and are a huge reason our oceans and bays have silted in and displaced the water are improving from farming methods. Removing this silt from our oceans is not currently possible but communities along coasts are starting impressive projects as we recently discovered Corpus Christi, Texas is attempting to dredge their bays channel of silt to increase their shipping routes.
Life expectancy is up (except for white males who continue to commit suicide and black men who continue to kill one another) as child mortality is down significantly, as is the number of people without an improved drinking water source. Deaths from war and genocide are down significantly and so is crime within the US. The only exception is within a few cities including the 187 years of Democratic rule in Chicago and their ignorant populace that STILL believes the party of big government will protect and save them. The number of deaths from natural disasters has plummeted as well, over 90% in the last hundred years. Death rates from air pollution are down significantly in the last 25 years.
The quantity of ALL resources consumed per person including extraction of commodities including metals, minerals and fossil fuels has fallen from 12.5 tones in 2000 to 8.5 tones in 2017. That is a faster decline than the increase in the number of people, so it means fewer resources are being consumed by more people. Our vehicles fuel efficiency has also improved from 7 mpg. to 49 mpg., an improvement of 600%. In fact, we have seen consumption of many basic commodities begin to fall over the last 10 to 20 years. 
Could we do with less, certainly?  Could we choose to live simpler lives even minimalist lifestyles?  Certainly, and many are considering such and moving in that direction.  But eliminating Carbon Dioxide, the most basic building block of all human beings, is the most ridiculous mandate the Left that has ever formulated postulated by the money motivated elites. We are already seeing communities in Colorado commit to the same failed projects that communities in Europe have given up on as we have seen in Germany.  An effort to be 100% green here in the US and other progressive nations in order to protect the earth and its inhabitants will but completely destroy other third world countries to acquire the necessary commodities as we strip mine and extract all of these materials from already impoverished and exploited nations and from people that we purport to care about. People need to ask themselves, who benefits monetarily from these ideas?  Only then can the many discover the clear purpose of such a mandate.  The populace is being shamed into support of these projects that are impossible to attain, projects that will damage the earth and kill many while only a few benefit.  Who benefits but namely the Globalist criminal politicians, bankers and corporations that manipulate the masses with their propaganda in order to control and grow their personal coffers.  Educate yourself and get out of their fake paper while you protect your family with real assets!