How to Purchase

  1. Call me to discuss your purchase and place your order (website price is the price you pay).

    LOCAL PURCHASES: Please CALL to discuss your pickup and delivery options.

  2. Fill out and Submit the Purchase Agreement online.
  3. I then place a call to my metal supplier to get your trade number.
  4. You send your payment via US Mail or bank wire transfer.
  5. After payment clears, your metals will ship via UPS.
  6. If you like, I can email with your tracking number.
  7. Your internet address and personal information is deleted after you place your trade.

Payments may be made by wire transfer, personal check, cashier’s check or money order or locally with cash. Sorry no credit cards due to fraudulent use of cards and the excessive fees associated with processing. All checks (personal,cashier,money order) take five business days to clear. If you buy from me and wish to sell, call me to place the trade (sale). I charge no commission however you will pay for return shipping. Once the product is received and re-certified a check will be issued.

I will never call you or solicit you for a sale (only if completely necessary). I will assume that if you want to make a purchase you will call me at Why Not GOLD. Read my privacy policy here.

Occasionally special offers will be listed at the very top of Why Not GOLD’s web page.

I understand a customer’s apprehension in placing a trade online. There is however a mutual trust to trade. I am placing a trade for you, the customer, at an agreed upon price. Likewise I trust that you will send your payment. If you neglect to send your payment I am still required to complete the transaction with my supplier at my expense. Any trade not completed by a customer will result in suspension of future trading privileges. I only accept U.S. trades and are unable to complete foreign trades including Canada. Customs are simply impossible to deal with.

I am a precious metals broker, just like a stock broker, except I deliver the physical metal to you and don’t sell just paper with no physical backing. I buy for you through one of the world’s largest distributors and charge a mere 1% commission for my services which includes insured shipping on orders over $10,000. Your purchase and trade is then shipped directly from Addison, Texas via registered insures U.P.S. or U.S.P.S.

  • Gold purchases of less than 15 oz will incur a $25 shipping and 1% commission charge.
  • Silver purchases of less than$10,000 will incur a $25 shipping fee and 1% commission charge.
  • Purchases of $49,999 and under include 1% commission of $499 and lower.
  • Purchases of $50,000 and over include a .75% commission of $375 and higher.
  • Purchases of $100,000 and over include a .50% commission of $500 and higher.

I do not believe in paper stocks, paper fiat currencies or numismatics. Paper fiat money is just that paper and the knowledge required to purchase and sell numismatic coins is not something the average individual can learn or access easily. If you want a rare coin don’t call me, I would suggest that you reconsider your decision. Numismatic dealers and coin shops buy wholesale and re-sell retail usually at 30% – 50% markup!

I am able to place precious metals in an IRA account for you if you wish. I utilize GoldStar Trust as your holding company when transferring your funds to physical metals. I also can also turn your silver and gold contract bullion bars into smaller sizes for you to personally hold at the 1% fee. Beware of brokerage houses that store your metals in their own depositories. I recommend that you never use such a brokerage and I can explain why! You want separate entities handing each process; your initial fund holder of your I.R.A. or 401k, a separate trust company, a separate broker to place your order, a separate metals company guaranteeing delivery and a separate depository. After your funds are transferred to the reputable trust company (we use GoldStar Trust in business for over 40 years with no complaints) they submit amount available to me, as your broker and the amount to the metals company. Next you select the metals and place the order from myself, your broker, only on the day and time that you like the spot price. Be sure to consider your end purpose, are you purchasing and plan to hold those metals in your personal possession (don’t ever buy large bullion and then have to resell it get smaller bullion or coins that you have to again pay commissions and sale charges for) or are you planning to sell it outright for your profits one day. Some of each may be a possible fit for some holders. I then place your trade and the metals company ships your metals to the private depository. Only after your metals are deposited at the depository does the trust company release your funds for payment. Then the metals facility is paid and myself, your broker is released the 1% fee for your trade. The most reputable depositories here in the U.S. are the private depositories such as Delaware Depository and we daily utilize Diamond Depository in Wilmington, Delaware and the International Depository Services of Canada in Toronto.

Call me to discuss some ideas you may not have considered when moving your IRA or 401k. I have had customers utilize carry back losses to avoid taxation and even customers whom decided to simply cash in their retirement plans with the expectation that metals value would rise and taxes would only increase! Remember you always were going to have to pay your taxes on your savings either when you earned it or deferred until retirement when you receive it. Remember the amount that will be withheld was never your money to begin with; it was the government’s tax money you deferred. You just were able to receive interest on that money all these years and the taxes will be paid then, now or latter in your retirement. Many customers expect government to make their own rules concerning where your retirement funds will be invested in the future, perhaps in government treasury bonds since no other country is buying treasuries these days nor any day in the future!

Roxanne Lewis