100 oz. Nadir Silver Bar


Each 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar available to purchase in this listing comes in a standard shipping box. To protect the bar during shipping, the items are wrapped with protective materials to ensure the brand-new condition from the mint. The bars in this series from the Nadir Refinery each have unique serial numbers.

A cast silver bar is made through traditional refining processes. After the silver is melted down it is poured into a prefabricated mold that is constructed of heat-resistant molds. The silver is left to cool in the mold to create the finish shape. Cast silver bars most commonly have designs that are stamped incuse into the surface of the product.

Obverse designs on the 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bars include the only markings you will find on the products. These large silver bars have inscriptions stamped across the horizontal field of the bar. These markings include the Nadir Refinery symbol in the upper-left, the weight in the upper-right, the purity in the lower-left, and the serial number in the lower-right field. In the center of the bar is a stamp with the assayers mark.

Reverse fields of 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bars are left blank on purpose. Cast silver bars traditionally have designs and inscriptions on just one side. Both sides of the bar may feature textures and visuals that reflect the texture of the silver as it cooled in the mold. These particular cast silver bars are rectangular in shape, but have one surface that is larger in surface area than the other.

Nadir Refinery is a Turkish metals corporation that was originally founded in 1967 by Nadir Tutuncu. The company evolved over time to become a dealer trading precious metals in 1985, and later opened a refinery in 1993.