Why Not GOLD offers you confidentiality and the best of any precious metal products you would like to purchase and at the lowest price available anywhere today!  How do I know this?  Because my customers constantly tell me, “You are the lowest priced dealer I have EVER found, I wish I had found you twenty years ago!”  I provide pricing “transparency” in an effort to avoid your apprehension faced when visiting other sites.  Compare my prices with other sites; they may have a “deal here or there” but I will not allow anyone to beat my prices.  Also when you wish to sell you will never pay a commission if you purchased your metals through me.  Visit my sell page and that is the price you will receive for that item based on current SPOT which  constantly changes.  You are responsible for shipping back to supplier after I place the sell trade for you and when it is received I will wire you your funds or send you a check. 

If you are looking for rare coins, I’d suggest you to re-consider a rare coin purchase, not because they aren’t beautiful, collectible or a good investment, but because they are difficult for the average investor to accurately access an individual coins value. Let me suggest that you NEVER allow a gold firm to “bait and switch” to sway you into investing in a numismatic coin without your own expert objectively accessing the item.  If you wish to pass some coins down to your family, purchase a few potential new numismatic “graded” encased coins.  You will teach your heirs about fiat vs. real money and in a generation those coins may well appreciate some 25 times.  Your education efforts will be accepted and you will cease being an old fool to them!

I am a small brokerage house with low overhead to ensure that my prices are the LOWEST available.  I am dedicated to educating the populace on the hazards of saving in paper and the importance of protecting their life’s savings by eliminating paper investments and delivering physical precious metals to investors.  I am open weekdays during regular market hours, excluding holidays.  My prices are constantly being updated with current COMEX pricing! Although I have only been in business for a short time I have 35 years of experience in business development, management, investing and writing.  My business has grown since my first year thanks to my customers who continue to refer clients to us.  You will find that I am committed to serving you and promise that once you purchase from you will return to continue “stacking” in an effort to protect your family from this new ABNORMAL world we live in.

Gold and silver are NOT just barbaric metals but they are REAL money that has served as the basis of money for several centuries.   Rome issued gold and silver coinage only to clip the corners of square coins and drill out the centers to make more money and finally pulled all precious metals and issued coinage of bronze and copper.  This was inflationary to citizens and supported their governments growth and stability until it wasn’t enough and the nation failed in less than 2500 years.  Over the past 600 years 8 different nations issued the currency of the day and ALL have failed and turned into but a Fiat currency backed by NOTHING but the full faith and trust in their government.  The United States has already had two other currencies of which also failed.  Every living individual today only knows the dollar as the reserve currency of the world and ALL will receive the education of their lifetimes when they awaken to discover that their money in the bank, their diversified stocks and property valued in dollars are devalued by half or more.  History has repeated itself OVER and OVER but no one reads or has read and studied history.  Where are you placing your bets?  In a government dedicated to printing or digitizing more useless paper dollars $400 more dollars for every $1 already in existence in 2007?  Are you invested in paper stocks in your 401k or IRA, paper mutual funds & bonds, a piece of paper that states you will get your pension and social security?  Every nation ultimately fails just as Rome did by devaluing their currency until inflation forced suffering and famine on its population.  GOLD & SILVER IS YOUR INSURANCE PROTECTION AGAINST INFLATION!

CALL ME, I am only trying to help @ 1(888)-966-8465 or 1(888) Y NOT GOLD. You can also email me at  I am located in Colorado and can be reached from 7AM to 7PM MST Mon. – Fri. The COMEX closes at 12:10 EST for GOLD and there are no markets on weekends or legal holidays, so we cannot operate on those days.

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