The price you pay is the price you see online! Your purchase and sell prices are easy to see and compare to others as I am totally upfront and honest with you. Prices are constantly being updated with the COMEX!

We are totally confidential and understand your concerns. I don’t send you a folder to fill out like the big firms do requesting personal information nor do I store it either. We do not advertise heavily or use credit cards that charge 3% to use their services. We pass the savings onto you the customer and charge only .50 -1% over the price of coins or bullion which includes shipping and insurance to you.

When you order I will place the trade, receive a trade number, and discuss delivery options for you nationally or local. Our bonus to you is we charge you nothing when you sell! When you are ready just click on HOW TO SELL  or Price Matrix at the bottom of our page for the prices you will receive. Call me, I will place the sale and receive a trade number. You are responsible for shipping and sending items back registered and insured, upon re-certification my metals supplier will wire or issue a check.

If you are interested in starting or converting your 401k/IRA to precious metals I would suggest that you not use a big company that offers you a free safe or free silver for setting or converting your retirement savings into a precious metals.  There simply is no such thing as FREE and at some time you will pay for that free $50 safe or the extra silver offer they snagged you with.  The other reason I suggest you never use a one stop big company to setup, buy, store and distribute your funds or metals, or sell your IRA metals is because their are simply too many hands in your retirement funds.  You explicitly want separate entities performing responsibilities separately.  The Trust company will be the holder of your funds until you select your metals, when you like SPOT price I place the trade.  Next the metals are shipped to the Depository of your choice here in the U.S. or in Canada and once they are verified and checked in the Trust company is notified and releasesize=3s your funds to the metals wholesaler and then I receive my commission. 

Also how can you be certain that your metals are actually held by any company unless they are a distinctly separate company with no affiliations.  It is also VERY important that you have a Trust company that you feel comfortable working with, they will handle your required distributions.  They will charge you setup, storage fees and management fees however I think you will discover that their fees are small in comparison to what you currently pay for your paper 401K/IRA company, if you even know or can discover.  I also can assist you in a transfer of your IRA into a Precious Metals IRA.   When you are ready to take a distribution you contact your trust company and I can sell at no fee commission or can arrange for your distribution to be taken in kind with the metals you initially purchased.  Remember I charge no commission to sell and can have your funds wired into your bank account for a wire fee of just $20.  We utilize several trust companies recommended on site however any company you can choose any company to work with.  Once your account is set up you select your metals and they are shipped to the depository of your choice.  They store your metals either allocated or un-allocated.  You can even visit and see your metals by giving a one day notice.  At ANYTIME you can physically remove your precious metals as long as you abide by taxation requirements.  To avoid a 10% penalty you must wait until 59 1/2 to begin your distributions just as you would from a paper IRA and distributions must start at 70 1/2 years of age. 

Call me and I can discuss a setup or a conversion of your existing retirement plan with you  and other options to avert taxation costs to you.