Remember the elite Sir John Templeton whom said, “This time it’s different.”

Was Cyprus just a one-time happening? The elite’s bought media have been trying to convince the world that Cyprus won’t happen again and that it was a one-time “bail in”.  Your money is safe in the banks, don’t worry, it won’t happen again.

Don’t believe it for a minute.  After all, the .001% ‘Super Elite’ doesn’t invest in banks and 401ks and such, so why should you?  They have their $32 trillion invested in off shore accounts of gold & silver while you own paper.  It is just like the two different worlds that the rich and the rest of us live in. They play while we work.  They vacation at sublime ports around the world and we dream maybe someday.  They live in mega mansions, enjoy 2nd and 3rd vacation homes while we scramble to pay our mortgages, or the rent after losing our home when we lost our job due to the bank bail outs and resulting economic downturn they caused.  They will retire to mansions in Switzerland continuing to vacation at their many vacation homes while we are relegated to living in th new America, a third world country, with no homes, no jobs and no life.  They enjoy life and we struggle to remember what the pursuit of happiness felt like.  We are but serfs doomed to slave away forever after we have lost half of our savings over the past 10 years.  Some of us have lost more and see how the powered elite are manipulating everything in an effort to steal it all from us.  Where are the fruits of our labor?  There will be no social security, we’ve lost most of our retirement funds, we’ve lost our home equity or our homes altogether, many of us have no jobs and no future.  They have inflated away our buying power as prices on everything keep rising and it is becoming harder and harder to maintain the standard of living we once knew.

Now we see that Spain, Canada, and New Zealand have already proposed similar measures through which individual savings accounts would be used to prop up the banks during times of crisis they created to accomplish this final theft of everything you have.  They are calling it a “bail-in,” but really it’s “THEFT” plain and simple. The banks made the terrible mistakes that rendered them insolvent and the banks need to fail.  But instead of failing, the regulators want to keep the banks in business using your money because you have been responsible and frugal to save.   It’s just like General Motors who got bailed out while Ford got nothing for being a responsible business.

Did you know?

1)   The regulators don’t have the money to actually insure deposits that they claim to have.  Banks have trillions of dollars and most insurance entities have but a few billion dollars in funds.  Yes, that is a nickel for every dollar you have in the bank. If you have $10,000 in the bank you will get $500 dollars. To be more accurate the FDIC has only $32 Billion dollars in reserves available to cover depositor losses while there are  over $7 Trillion dollars currently on  deposit in banks, that is less than 1/2 percent backing. Now are you feeling warm all over?

2)   Politicians realize that people are fed up with the public funding bank bailouts so they’re targeting individual savers in the banks that are in trouble.  Politicians know that Joe Public won’t put up with more government bailouts on their backs and the havoc they have caused coast to coast and country to country.  So instead they are going to go after the deposits of a few select that have funds in troubled banks. Their thinking is that if you can’t steal a little from everyone, you might as well try to steal a lot from a few people.

Could this happen in the US?  It shouldn’t surprise you if it does as I have written before about the FDIC and their insurance schemes before.  The fact is the FDIC has already put forth a proposal to do EXACTLY this in the event of another obvious looming banking crisis.  Less than 99% of Americans realize that the legislation allowing this is already in place and the FDIC has already written out the rules for what will happen.

Did you Know? This past December 2012 the FDIC drafted a formal strategy that states, during the next banking crisis, it can decide which banks are important, it can take controls of any “systemically important bank that it deems at risk of default and once in control of the bank individual savings deposits can be written down in value as part of a bank bailout”.  This means you could lose your mortgage money, business funds for operating and then if you miss but one payment the banks win again. They pounce on the opportunity, your property, and accelerate your mortgage requiring full payment due immediately.  Guess what, you are then out on the streets! 


Remember, I wrote before about how Iceland allowed their banks to fail and are experiencing tremendous growth.  Americans were swindled and told that we must bail out the “too big to fail” banks or suffer dire consequences.  Well suffered we have anyway, while the big banks received huge sums of money for themselves.  The economic tsunami has been horrendous as the populace has suffered losing their homes, businesses, jobs and it hasn’t ended. It is only going to get worse, alot worse as now they have figured out how to take more of what you have through the new “bail-in” move.  They WILL TAKE your savings, 401k’s, pension plans and your safety deposit boxes if they wish.  The wealthiest .001% owns all the banks, they have bought and paid for the government’s that are seated in most of these countries and the lawyers are beholden to them to serve and protect them.  These governments and paid guns simply refuse to prosecute anyone deserving to be charged with treason and hanged as they were in past centuries.  Our government and others no longer serve the common man but serves those who paid for their election bills.

Cypriots have now lost 60% or 80% of their savings which will in effect cut their economy by 25%.  The entire Euro system is bankrupt and will soon collapse and take the entire European zone with it.  Experts state that the entire world’s fiat currencies will collapse when this happens. Since 2010 the leading banking financers out of London which includes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, The Bank of England and the European Central Bank, have been announcing their intentions.  In order to avert another banking crisis they would have to arrange “a bail in” and will confiscate appropriate depositors accounts and use that money to refinance and recapitalize these failed banks.

Now the Bank of Japan has embarked on the largest hyper inflation ever seen in the world by joining with the U.S. and others to create 15 trillion dollars of worthless currency. It won’t end until the entire house of cards collapses.

TAKE PREAPARATIONS NOW WITH YOUR 401K’s, PAPER STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS, and C.D.’s AND BANK ACCOUNTS. Get your dollars in your bank down to the amount you will need in the near future or pull it out.  Money that is easily assessable to government eyes will be easy to confiscate.  They know where the money is and they have already devised a legal means to take it from you.  They’ll create the crisis to accomplish their task at hand, to steal your final dollar, and do their job they have been hired to do while saving their own skin and jobs.

SO TO THOSE WHOM HAVE ASKED WHAT DO I DO WITH MY 401k?  I’ll give you my opinion now. “Pay Caesar what Caesar is owed.”  You should have done it last year before tax rates rose.  Don’t be so greedy that you fail to heed these words. Pay your government now what taxes you have had deferred up until now. You made interest on that extra money over the years.  You owed taxes as you earned that money on your taxable rate.  Pay it now and insure that you have something to utilize for retirement.  How much more instability do you think you need to see? Bite the bullet, pay the tax,get your assets back and get out of the system! 

It reminds me of the Jews in Germany who thought the worst was over so they stayed only to find out ultimately that 6 million more would be gassed and burned.  What was it going to save you in retirement anyway 5% or 10% more?  Remember, “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.”  Your government will confiscate your frugality and hard work and nationalize it for all on the precept that they know how to invest it better in government bonds than you know how to invest it.  After all, look at how poorly your decisions have cost your retirement savings in the past decade?  They blame you when they caused this mess all along through their design of crisis after crisis.  Can’t you “Sheeple” see? Once again you have been set up for the ultimate finale and theft of your wealth?  So ignore your accountant, follow your gut instincts your higher power instilled in you. 

You do know better than those in power!  The someone, of the “Wizard of Oz”, behind the curtain pulling the strings is the elite.   Get your savings away from their greedy hands and invest in anything of real value.  Protect your family before it’s too late with silver and gold!