Do you sometimes feel like you are being fed a daily diet of lies, theft and fraud perpetrated by our elected officials?  What does that have to do with Gold and Silver you ask?  It has everything to do with gold and silver at its core root, I assure you!

WHY ARE SO MANY CITIZENS NAIVE OR DISCONCERNED ABOUT THE DAILY BARAGE OF CRISIS OUR GOVERNMENT SEEMINGLY CREATES AND FEEDS US?  It brings to mind the statement by Rahm Emanuel, the distinguished mayor of Chicago.  “One must never let a serious crisis go to waste and what I mean by that is, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Recently our President of “change” signed the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act) into law, a bipartisan bill designed to stop so-called “congressional insider trading.”  It made the personal financial disclosures of lawmakers, their legislative staffs and many executive branch officials, available as part of an online searchable database. The measure, passed by Congress, prohibits members of Congress from financial market trading based on nonpublic information they have obtained in the course of their congressional work. Our honest president hailed the law as a “good and necessary” step in the fight against corruption and the influence of money in politics.  Mr. Obama, our “fair” president, then encouraged Congress to enact even more reforms.

Then the Boston Marathon bombing exploded onto to the scene and our “great and good” politicians decided, maybe they forgot to “read the bill”, it needed some tweaking and tweak they did under the guise of night.  Harry Reid, should you be surprised, introduced the bill late after many members of Congress had gone home.  The few left on hand passed it for Obama to sign, a partial repeal of the Stock Act (Steal The Onerous Cash Kwickly), which called off plans for the online database after both houses of Congress passed the bill unanimously. Now, congressional aides and executive branch staffers are exempt from the online database, leaving only lawmakers, the president and vice-president with online financial filings and even those disclosures will not be searchable.

The issue you see started with Visa, whom had long been giving cash rewards to consumers, and Congress was intent on passing legislation to eliminate the swipe fees.  Vendors were forced to pay for the privilege of processing credit cards for their customer’s convenience and the costs were onerous.  These rewards cost vendors literally hundreds of billions of dollars extra every year in extra fees.  Visa, located in the hometown of Nancy Pelosi, decided to use their lobbyists to forestall any action until after the 2008 election by lobbying Ms. Pelsosi.  They knew that by 2008 they would have a President that would sign the bill.  Visa conveniently hired away Nancy Pelosi’s government affairs advisor, Dean Aguillen, who immediately registered to lobby Congress.  After a year he started to lobby Ms. Pelosi.  Next Ms. Pelosi, in July 2008, started to receive campaign contributions from Visa, Aguillen and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee received monies as well from these two sources.  Then Paul Pelosi got a phone call from his broker with an invite to Visa’s $17.9 billion public stock offering at $44 per share limited to special individuals.   Nancy had lost her advisor, but “Cui bono” who stands to gain an advantage or benefit?  Ah, her husband had gained stock options worth future millions.  What a great hand Ms. Pelosi played!  All this because Nancy Pelosi is a cheat!  Remember, it’s all about them and how they benefit, not their service to their citizens they are supposed to represent.

Now we will be forced to return to the days when the public could use the internet to research everything except what our government is doing.  Congress, in their twisted wisdom, will decide what information is public.  Citizens and journalists will have to search even harder in order to find out what they are actually up to by digging through filing cabinets in D.C.  Does anyone think that makes us safer?  Security through obscurity simply repeals the transparency from the STOCK Act!  Rather than fix the flaw let’s just make it harder to find.

Will jumping over these hurdles stop a terrorist from getting the information they want?  No it just harms Joe Public.  Are we at that point now where simply any government information is taken offline to protect those in power?  Will they next take down the video cams of congressional hearings and remove campaign contribution sites on the internet?  It won’t end until they have hidden all their misdeeds from view of the public.  They are protecting themselves and the proof is in the pudding!   The result will be indeed more corruption and less trust in government.

Now our government, under pressure from Republicans, made an attempt to balance the budget by a miniscule amount.  What program did they select for sequestration cuts but air traffic controllers?  Air controllers literally operate the joystick of every flight that takes off from our public airstrips across the nation.  WHY, would our politicians and president allow such an important service be pared down through furloughs?  There must be thousands of other programs that could be cut before this service.  The safety of 600 million flyers a day is at risk.   What if a plane misses the landing strip and slams into another plane? What if a couple of planes hit each other in the air?  Now if a tragedy occurs who do you think is going to take the blame?  Not Obama and his cronies, no, it will be those darned Republicans who forced the requirement of a balanced budget.  They’ll say, we told you so and it is going to be Congress’ fault for forcing budget cuts of the government largesse.  Makes you think of the spoiled kid that demands the Cadillac car keys from mom and dad who say “No!” Then the kid purposely goes about burying the truck in a ditch up against a tree only to say, “I told you, it just isn’t safe.”  They were hoping above hope that a crisis would happen but guess what, this sequester cut affected the spoiled politicians by incurring extra wait time at their airports.  The whole plan next gets thrown out the window and nothing was saved only wasted meetings and a bunch of money you can be assured.  Do these officials look like clowns to anyone else out there?

Then there is that North Korea “dead” satellite, KMS 3-2 that suddenly came to life?   Here is the real time tracking website so you can wonder what they are up to. 
www.n2yo.com/?s=39026   Is anyone watching it?  Does anyone wonder or care that our government has been mum on the subject even when they realized it was operational?  North Korea, simply, does not have the technology to produce this sophisticated of an informational system.  The bigger question here is, who gave it to them and what is its nefarious objective? “Cui bono”, who stands to gain an advantage or benefit?  Many would agree that North Korea is but a pawn for China or quite possibly the N.W.O. (New World Order).  The N.W.O. (Numbskulls Wielding Overreach), it is believed, who has plans to decrease the world’s population to 500 Million which means wiping 9/10th of estimated 7 Trillion humans off the planet!  Is our government intent on letting another crisis happen to inspire Americans to go to yet another war this time against China?  Does anyone out there get it?  The next planned crisis will inspire the un-informed, under educated and the easily led populace, whom will jump on board to fight a war they were manipulated to fight on behalf of the elite.  The Elite will clamor “we”, meaning “you and your sons and daughters”, must defend our country when in actuality it aptly should be stated “you and your sons and daughters must defend our ‘reserve currency’, the petro dollar”.   You see they must protect their petro dollar at all cost!  The elite doesn’t work, you know, only manipulate money and citizens.  Remember what Rothschild said,” Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”  

China as well as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria no longer use the U.S. dollar to purchase goods from each other.  China has been quietly instituting trade agreements with most nations, stacking gold and have stated plans to start their own gold backed international currency.  When the world starts using the “Yuan” the “Good ole U.S.A.” will be just that, the “Old U.S.A.” of far away dreams!

There are literally hundreds of examples of Washington’s fraud and lies, but probably the one that affects us all, is the constantly debasing dollar.  Think about it.  We are uniformly being taxed, without our permission, every day, because our currency loses value every day.  When I was a teenager, I could buy a gallon of gas for 75 cents.  Just think you can still buy a gallon of gas for two silver dimes.  The printing presses are printing $85 billion a month, which is over a trillion dollars a year, not counting the “black budget”, which causes millions more to be printed each month.  Our credit worthiness is so bad, that we are buying our own debt!  Kind of like a kid who sets up lemonade stand, buys all his lemonade and calls him-self a success.  No one wants our debt and can you blame them?  Do you want your 401K’s and pensions invested in U.S. Bonds and Treasury notes?  I don’t think so but you are going to get them I guarantee it!

If you didn’t notice, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa) don’t want our debt either, and have set up their own group to exchange their currencies rather than using the dollar.  They will soon change their name to the BRICAS after Australia begged to join their merry band. What can you do to protect yourselves and your family’s survival?  Get out of dollars and into gold and silver, tangible things, which go up in prices as the dollar goes down.

The internet is only now bringing about a new batch of regulations to keep you in your place and infringe against your rights to free speech and free thought.  The Internet Blacklist bill makes it a felony to stream unlicensed content. Next Internet Privacy Laws which censor internet websites which the government dislikes.  A bill that is oppressive and tyrannical at the least.  Now the latest HR 1981 Internet bill that will store in a digital bank everything a citizen does on the computer.  This bill will regulate what you say and do on the internet.  This bill is simply “an open infringement of your rights to free speech” and free thought.  The one remaining outlet we have for truth!  Now who is really paranoid?  The powered elites quite simply are free, with benefits galore that they have insured themselves of, and we are but “Les Miserable’s” left to survive by whatever means we can find.

The news media networks are owned by a few to report their manipulations and so few understand what really is happening.  Our children are separated, at an early age, from their parents and trained at liberal indoctrination centers called public schools which in turn teach them to accept whatever they are told, be compliant and are unable to use objectivity to question the media slant.  No wonder most kids grow up with the wrong sense of values, but those of the T.V. chock full of sexualism and happiness through consumption!  If you haven’t already figured out how to escape the “rigged system” read   Read this article on my HOME page

Get you dollars out of paper and into precious metals!  Beat your government and the banks at their game.  The change is on to revive the gold standard by a few states.  Only when it becomes logical to save ones money instead of spending will we be closer to saving our country and our nation.  GET OUT OF THE ELITE’S BANKING SYSTEM, STOP PURCHASING FROM CORPORATIONS, GET OUT OF PAPER AND INTO REAL MONEY OF SILVER AND GOLD!  There are a few states already that have a clue and are exercising their “states rights” to be fiscally sound so that they will survive.