Every day I am asked, “Why should I buy gold and silver?”

 I always respond the same way, “Why not gold and silver?”

What does your family need to purchase daily to survive? Do you see the prices of gas, milk, bread, eggs, tires, utilities, clothing, shoes and cars going down anytime soon?  No, because that is called inflation.  Inflation is explained as prices going up caused by an increase in the money supply.  Next, take into consideration that the government has actually dropped food and fuel from their list of items that they include in their inflation reports.  Inflation is actually even higher than they report, but did you really expect a truthful report from them.  The money supply is increasing because politicians can’t control their spending, refuse to balance their budget and the currency supply is increasing to pay the bills they create without the permission of the citizenry.  We didn’t vote for spending a trillion dollars more than is taken in with taxes and neither Republicans nor Democrats pay attention to us.  They know that through social programs they are literally able to buy votes.  Did you know that your dollar today buys 30% less than what it bought just 10 years ago?  Think about that 2003 Ford truck with all the bells and whistles at just $39,900, today that Ford truck is $49,900?

Do you understand what that has to do with gold and silver? Gold and silver are self backed and cannot be reproduced on a printing press.  That means that intrinsically they have value while dollars do not.  The ores have to be discovered, mined, milled, smelted, manufactured into coins or bars and distributed to would be consumers.  Gold and silver require huge amounts of capital and machinery to manufacture.  For centuries, man has dreamed of discovering gold and silver in the earth in quantities to make them rich, and 99.9% of them have failed.  Gold and silver have been real money for thousands of years, in all civilizations.  Even in the Bible, gold and silver was the currency used for money.  Precious metals have intrinsic value.  Gold and silver stand on their own value.  They need no paper guarantees or government backing or approval to be valued as real money.

How do you purchase gold and silver and what do you do with them?  Will I trade them or barter with them?  That is a common misconception.  If you go to a grocery store, gas station or even a farmer and offer a silver coin for merchandise, they will undoubtedly tell you that they have to buy their merchandise, fertilizer, and fuel with dollars or whatever currency we may have.  They can’t pay their bills, write checks, or wire in gold and silver.  You need to convert your gold and silver into dollars when you need them and we charge nothing for the conversion if you bought the gold and silver from us.  However, if the system collapses and paper dollars are valueless, then people will change their minds and understand the value of silver and gold.

Why should you buy from me?  There are lots of ads on the internet and TV advertising gold and silver. One big firm advertises on every conservative radio show and spends $20 million dollars a year to do it.  Who do you think pays for those ads?  You do!  These firms come and go, along with their terrible ratings from the Better Business Bureau.  I do very little advertising, other than word of mouth and my columns, which works out just fine.   To keep costs down I work out of my home, have no employees, and pay no rent.  The others say they have the “LOWEST PRICES” but they never do.  Low overhead is why I can offer you the lowest price available!

Sometimes I am asked what are the advantages of gold and silver over a savings account.  Savings accounts are denominated in dollars, which are decreasing in value, because the printing presses are running day and night.  The reason one should own gold and silver, is to get out of decreasing value dollars.  Get your hard earned savings into real, historic, tangible money.  All tangible items are going up in dollar prices, because the dollar is losing value.   When I was a kid, we had penny candy and I could get a bag of candy for 10 cents, a bottle of Pepsi was a dime.  Today, that same penny candy is $3.99 for a bag and there are 25 pieces.  The Pepsi, (in a can) costs $1.50 with the same dollars.  The dollar has lost that much value.  In the last 50 years, the dollar has lost about 75% of its purchasing power, thanks to politicians.  You must get out of dollars and into a tangible thing to keep from being de-capitalized.  Gold and silver are easily bought and sold, are beautiful and easy to store.  They’re real money, and have been for thousands of years.

Where do you store your precious metals?  Where no one would think of looking!  I have a customer, who said he used a fake can of deodorant, in his bathroom closet and that he would hold 30 Kruger ands and no one would think of looking in there.  Keep it in a Liberty safe (American made) a reliable safe compared to the China junk we are now seeing in stores. I have a friend that sells them and delivers and installs them for you here in Colorado and the 4 state area.  Store it in the attic or any place you can think of where no one would consider looking but I don’t recommend using your banks safety deposit box.  I have people who bury them in their yard or on their land, make a map and forward it to their kids if they die.

How do you buy?  It is so simple.  Go to my web site, www.whynotgold.com , decide what you want, and call me.  I will buy it for you from our supplier who buys directly from the various mints.  I lock in the price and give you a trade number.  This means the price has been locked in.  Click on the tab, “How to Purchase” and fill out the internet recognization form.  You will then send a bank wire or a check, which takes but a couple of days to clear, I wire to my supplier and when your purchase is shipped I’ll send you the tracking number and you will receive your purchase by registered, insured mail. Be patient, shipping times have increased due to demand from 2 weeks to 4-6 weeks.

How will I know if it’s real gold and silver and not counterfeit?  I have never seen a fake bullion coin or bar.  Believe it or not, right this minute in China, they are making thousands of fake numismatic coins out of real gold, but they are not real antique coins.  Our gold and silver comes straight from the various mints.  It is profitable to make fake numismatics stuff, as it is profitable to make fake antique anything, but there would be no profit in making a fake 2013 Ford.  There would, however, be a lot of profit in making a brand new Model A Ford.  Bullion coins and bars are so close to the spot price, that it would be pointless in making them.  Recently, I have heard that there have been fake large gold bars, but they were so poor and obvious, that they were quickly discovered.  You’ll get the real thing from the mints and my supplier.  My reputation is important to me and I would do nothing to tarnish it to take advantage of us, besides I would be out of business over night!

Do shipments ever get lost or stolen?  Your shipment is registered and that is important.  When a parcel is registered, the last person handling it has to sign for it, so that person is responsible. This is the way the entire chain works.  They are never lost or stolen, because they are registered, as well as insured.  The mail does take a longer time on occasion, perhaps the package gets miss-shipped to the wrong post office but in my experience never has one been lost or stolen.  You’ll always get your order.

My web site offers lots of items in gold and silver.  Which ones should you buy?  Any you would like however with that said I think that the cheapest items are by far the best value.  The most expensive gold and silver is minted by the US Mint in West Point New York, and they are the Gold and Silver Eagles.  They are beautiful and can be used to buy items with at their face value but reflecting their intrinsic value.   The cheapest way to buy gold is the Credit Suisse gold bars which are usually $50 per ounce cheaper than the Gold Eagle, at just $25 over spot.  They are beautiful also, pure (.9999) gold, wrapped in plastic, and have serial numbers.  The least expensive way to buy silver, are the 100 ounce Royal Canadian Mint bars, which are beautiful, flat, shiny, and also have serial numbers.  They are 7″ X 3″ X 3/4′ thick, weight but 6 pounds, and are easy to stack.

There are really no advantages of bars over coins other than except that they may be impossible to barter with, nor would you want to.  The Gold Eagle and Krugerrand, weigh 1.09 ounces.  They have .09 oz of an alloy in them to make them difficult to dent or scratch.  This means that technically, they are not ‘pure gold,’ although they have one ounce of pure gold in them.  The cheapest gold coin is the Canadian Maple leaf, which is .9999 pure gold, but being pure, it is rather soft, and scratches easily.  If you get Maple Leafs, don’t handle them.  There are no serial numbers on coins, like there are on bars.  The Krugerrand is named for Paul Krueger who was sort of the George Washington of South Africa and on the flip side is their loveable Springbok antelope. Gold and silver should be held until the real value of gold and silver is revealed after the manipulation fails or after a new currency is developed.  Then you can call me, I can place the sale for free, you will send it back to the supplier and receive your new currency.

There also are old US silver coins.  These come in 56 pound ‘bags’ and are heavy and rather difficult to stack.  They are expensive on a per ounce basis but they are the same price per ounce as Silver Eagles, which is outrageous.  What would you do with them?  They may be 90% silver, but unless you are 65 or older, you can’t even remember that we had silver coins, and a youngster would think you’re crazy to tell them you have silver coins.  Even if you can convince someone that a pre-1964 quarter is silver, how much silver does it have in it?  You need silver with good hallmarks or brand names, which has its contents on it, such as 1 ounce .999 pure, or ten ounces or 100 ounces, not some mysterious pre-1964 quarter or dime… If you want some coins for barter that may help determine your choice.

Large gold companies will often attempt to suggest and sway you to purchase ‘numismatic’ coins, as do coin dealers.  These are old U.S. coins made before 1933.  I would not recommend them as it takes a lot of knowledge to properly value an antique coin and you should never take the word of the seller/dealer.

People next worry about possible confiscation.  Gold has never been confiscated!  Roosevelt issued an executive order back in 1933, ordering people to turn in their gold, but it was never enforced.  Many people did turn theirs in, but if they were confiscated, how come dealers have them to sell today?  Numismatic dealers buy wholesale and sell retail, meaning a 40% or more markup.  Condition is a matter of opinion, like a used car, unless they are professionally graded by PCGS, (Professional Coin Grading Service), and even then, prices are a matter of caveat emptor, (BUYER BEWARE).  To me, it’s a matter of how many ounces you have, not its age or condition. As you read this, in China, brand new numismatics are being produced out of real gold but they are not old, they are brand new ‘numismatics’.  Steer clear of rare coins.

Today you will find that everyone is buying gold and or silver referred to as the poor man’s gold.  Outages and delays are rampant.  Does that tell you anything? Because it should!  Everyone is getting on the band wagon.  Silver is being currently being delayed 5-6 weeks.  How come?  Since the Cyprus meltdown, people are frantically buying gold and silver, but more silver than gold. The mints are working 24/7, turning out the stuff and we are selling it faster than they can produce it.  They will eventually catch up, but you can still buy now, lock in the price and take delivery when they catch up. Today the banksters in Cyprus, New Zealand, and Canada are trying to do the same thing, which is steal your savings stored in banks.  Today accross the globe people are taking their money out of banks and buying silver and gold.  Owning precious metals is the ultimate protection of your savings.

Some of you have decided to store your gold and silver in an IRA.  You can, and a lot of our customers have done so, but I am encouraging people to get their gold and silver out of IRA’s, pay the taxes, and take it home with them.  I urge you to hold the actual intrinsic metal   The Cyprus thing has me convinced, even more than ever that if U.S. government wants to tax your physical possessions, such as savings accounts, CDs, IRA’s, they will.  They know where lots of gold and silver are stored, in IRA’s. They’d love to take your gold and silver and substitute Treasury Bills,’ or some other worthless paper, denominated in dollars, not ounces of silver or gold!

I may sound negative about the world’s economic situation was not of my making.  For a hundred years, governments have been spending more than they take in, printing money to pay for their reckless spending and receive votes for their re-election from those that receive the handouts.  Now, it seems that the chickens have come home to roost, and Cyprus is the beginning, which I think will spread around the world.  Just think of it!  Taking money out of your savings, without your permission!  That’s far different than taxing your income as you earn it.  That’s taxing what you have already paid taxes on and have saved.  I know of one American investment advisor who stored many millions of his customers’ money in Cypress, and “poof” it’s gone.  Suppose he had stored his client’s money in gold and silver and the person had took it home rather than trusting a bank or government.  See what I mean? Gold and silver, in your possession, are free from government’s greedy hands and edicts!

So why does gold and silver prices fluctuate so much?  It seemed to be stuck around $1600 and $30 but now prices have dropped precipitously.  This is a great buying opportunity and I am urging the public to act, but quickly, I doubt it will last.  I remember when gold was at $700 and it stayed there so long that people thought it had reached its peak. Nothing tangible can reach its peak as long as the government keeps printing money.  Printing lowers the buying power of the fiat it represents.  This in turn makes prices go up. The fluctuations are due to the futures market, plus today banks around the world, as well as governments selling their gold to pay their bills and trying to stay afloat thus flooding the markets.   Guess who now has the opportunity to purchase real wealth if this continues?  You and I will. When they sell, prices go down and it makes buying opportunities for customers.  There are millions of ounces of paper gold and silver in the futures markets and when people sell their futures to take profits they flood the market with paper gold and silver.  Guess what lowers the prices of physical metals when they buy millions of ounces of paper gold and silver futures.  It simply causes the prices of physical metals to go up.  A lot of people think that prices are manipulated by governments, to keep prices down, thereby raising dollar values, but I don’t agree.  If that were true, they’ve been unsuccessful!  Twelve years ago gold was $150!  Makes you wish you had a time machine doesn’t it?  GET GOING!  TAKE ACTION!  PROTECT YOUR FAMILY BY BUYING GOLD AND SILVER BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!