My chart this week shows simply nothing!   There is no way to determine what prices are going to do next until gold breaks through $1450 or falls below $1200.  Gold Bugs are waiting for the next fall back to get rid of their  dough!  The other 98% are holding fast to their monopoly money with full faith and trust in the bankster’s and their government.  They don’t understand that gold and silver is money and paper will be but toilet paper tomorrow.  Gold is the absolute best and only bet against the coming currency collapse but no one is going to say that.  No one has ever been through a currency collapse, they don’t know what to do and they don’t want to be ridiculed!   There are, however, those that do know the end game and how to play their hand!

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Gold and silver prices over the past few months have dropped considerably which has led to a great deal of frustration for many and capitulation for others.  The continuation of “Q-Infinity and Beyond”, bail ins from Cyprus, international riots and unrest, a worsening recession, interest rate increases, a strengthening dollar and demands for gold internationally all should have moved prices higher but they did not.

Just why aren’t gold prices moving higher?
Why is the COMEX and the LBMA being emptied?
Why is the price of physical gold ETF’s dropping?

Banks who have leased their gold must recapitalize themselves and why not drive the price down, force the weak to sell and buy it up again at a bargain.  Banks must put up or shut up since the Germans demanded their gold.  Easterners and those who know the end game want the real deal, no paper, no contracts, no mining stocks or certificates, the banks must produce the gold they have leased or shut their doors. The vaults are being emptied at an alarming rate.

The Fed will be forced to pull the plug on their game when they have all the gold.  This will simply wipeout all their debt.  All electronic virtual computer assets, 401k’s, IRA’s, checking accounts, saving accounts and all paper investments will get a haircut of perhaps 50% and account holders will possibly receive the new hundred dollar bills when this happens.  The U.S. is the biggest debtor nation in the world and cannot pay the debt unless they collapse the system while erasing all their debt and then the banks will win.

The “Gold Rush” is on and those who wait just might miss the boat.  The charts appear to predict another low will be posted but it may take months or quite possibly years.   When the COMEX and the London Bullion Market Association closes everyone will know that they were snookered.  There just isn’t enough real gold to cover the paper that they have leased and sold.  Fractional reserve banking allows gold, unlike a leased car, to be leased and then sold over and over again by every link that joins with it.  It’s just another Ponzi scheme to rip off the unknowing investor who has little understanding of the paper asset he owns.  Good riddance when the fractional reserve banking system fails!

The beat down of paper gold worked and propelled the weak to sell.   When investors turned into sellers the availability of gold in the lending market increased which started to squeeze and raised gold leasing rates.  Those scared gold owners whom liquidated added to the 25% drop in gold prices.

The underlying price structure of the physical gold market has changed over the past few months and has yet to reveal itself.  The first time we get a “force majeure crisis” event that makes it necessary for people who don’t have gold to buy, and people who do own it to have more, we will see how things have changed.

The gold price has been falling steadily for several months, but when the need to own gold jumps you will have wished you hadn’t waited.   Mr. Bernanke, our government and the powered elites may appear to be void of common sense or just maybe they know something the rest of us don’t and have been working their plan, the end game!  When they are done and the last window closes there simply won’t be enough gold to go around!