“I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.” Harry S. Truman

The IRS walks into a little unknown restaurant in Iowa and announces that they have confiscated the owner’s bank account of $33,000, a little old lady’s life savings!  Today a little known law allows your government to confiscate checking or savings account balances placed in your local bank if they think you are ACTING criminally!  Of course she wasn’t doing anything illegal other than making her daily deposits by depositing less than $10,000 in her bank account which is against the law today!  It appeared to officials that she may have tried to skirt the law that requires banks to report cash deposits over $10,000 their magic number.  I don’t know a small business owner that deposits over $10,000 a day!

I doubt any banker would admit to it but most likely more than a few people contacted their banks about the confiscation (theft) and still others may have simply pulled their money out to stuff under their mattresses after the news report.  The FDIC was forced to comment by releasing mid week their latest memo on the subject.

The FDIC’s Response to Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Concerns Identified at FDIC-Supervised Institutions August 2014

The numbers speak for themselves as over 600 individuals have had their accounts confiscated over the past year an increase of 400% over 2013.  Next, if those account holders do not have the ability or other resources to acquire funds to hire a lawyer to defend themselves they forfeit their funds and are summarily assumed guilty without a charge or case brought against them.  I know of a man this happened to and the I.R.S. arrived with a well armed S.W.O.T. team and took everything of value in his house and safe!  He has spent over $100K of his family’s money in lawyer fees trying to get back his assets that were confiscated.  It makes the average Joe six pack quake in his boots to see the power that government has over the little we have saved.

We are here now because in 1970 Congress passed the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act or Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) to detect criminal activity preventing money laundering.  This statute established certain requirements for record keeping and reporting by private individuals, banks and other financial institutions to help identify the source, volume and movement of currency and other monetary instruments transported or transmitted into or out of the United States or deposited in financial institutions.  Specifically, the BSA requires individuals, banks and other financial institutions to file currency reports with the Department of the Treasury properly identifying persons conducting transactions.  They are required to maintain appropriate records of financial transactions.  Such records enable law enforcement and regulatory agencies to pursue investigations of criminal, tax and regulatory violations, if warranted and provide evidence useful in prosecuting money laundering and other financial crimes.  Increasingly sophisticated money laundering activities and growing concerns about terrorist financing prompted the Congress to enact a number of amendments to the BSA since its passage in 1970.

One such amendment was the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (USA PATRIOT ACT).  We all thought the name sounded great and would protect Americans when all it has done is allowed authorities to run rough shod over the electorate.  Thirteen years after 9-11 we still have no enforced borders, no Eisenhower at the helm sending illegal aliens home to their own country, no increased protection from terrorists, health risks continue to grow while U.S. citizens are having to pay for their keep and live with the consequences of these criminals that drive without licenses or insurance, whom rob us and molest our children.  This legislation enacted after the September 11, 2001, was intended to facilitate the prevention, detection, and prosecution of international money laundering and the financing of terrorism.  The Treasury’s FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) has overall responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the BSA.  In this role, FinCEN is responsible for issuing regulations and interpretative guidance, engaging in industry outreach activities, providing investigative case support to law enforcement, and pursuing CMP (Civil Money Penalties) against entities and individuals, when warranted.  In addition, the federal banking agencies, including the FDIC, have statutory authority to regulate and examine the financial institutions under their supervision for BSA/AML compliance.  One section of the FDI Act (Federal Deposit Insurance Act) requires the federal banking agencies to prescribe BSA-related regulations, review BSA Compliance Programs during examinations, describe any identified problems in reports of examination, and issue formal orders under certain circumstances or C & D orders (Cease and desist).

The IRS has since reported that they intend to cut down on such confiscations however I wouldn’t believe it as the law is written defending their actions and according to this report banks are not complying to the letter of their law.   The Inspector General’s report on page 12 stated, “We reviewed the FDIC’s supervisory actions to address significant BSA/AML (Bank Secrecy Act & Anti-Money Laundering) concerns for a non-statistical sample of 15 financial institutions.  In all 15 cases, examiners had criticized the institution in a report of examination or visitation report for failing to have an adequate BSA Compliance Program and/or to correct a previously reported violation of a BSA program requirement. Consistent with applicable statutory requirements, the Inter-agency Policy Statement, and FDIC policies, procedures, and guidelines, we found that the FDIC had issued (or was in the process of issuing) a BSA-related C&D or Consent Order against 12 of the 15 institutions to address the identified concerns.”

“The federal banking agency shall issue a C & D (Cease & Desist) order against any insured depository institution that fails to establish and maintain a reasonably designed BSA Compliance Program.”

Then there is the highway robbery program named, the Civil Asset Forfeiture program that last year alone seized some $2.5 billion of only CASH from some from 62,000 police stops without charging anyone with any crime in our land of the free.  Again the cost to fight the government is so high that a mere 17% of those actually challenged their seizures and only 40% of those cases were successful in recouping their funds.  Over 93% of the time the government is successful in stealing any assets that they acquire through such seizures.  Possession is no longer 90% of the law!

History has proven, just as is Rome did, that all once great nations and governments will go to great lengths to keep their system propped up whether by taxation, money creation out of thin air or outright theft from the populace.  Today civil forfeiture laws allow the government to act as thieves taking people’s property without convicting them of any crime and then forces them to prove their own innocence to get the property back.

Every single nation throughout history has arisen, become all powerful and ultimately fading or disappeared as  a result of inflating, hyper-inflating and destroying its currency.   The Roman Empire clipped the corners from their square coins; next they drilled the gold from the center before pulling ALL gold and silver from the masses and issuing new bronze & copper coinage.  Our governance has done the same over the last 100 years by first pulling in gold coins and issuing paper gold, next by removing all silver coins and leaving us with “In God We Trust” worthless paper.  Then the final scene or scheme of Q-Infinity without any physical printing only digitizing virtual cyber digits on a screen has occurred and most likely they ARE NOT telling us the real truth that they have stopped.  The masses are distracted through irreverent shows of wars, Ebola scares and environmental and food designed to kill masses whom are easily distracted and entertained.  The small grey matter of most are content to watch “Dancing with the Stars” and football fiascos of punishment by paid gladiators.

The outright theft has been instituted by their laws and implemented by their armies to keep them in power and used to spread the wealth to supposedly assist the poor but instead funds their armies of Police and SWAT teams to be used one day to control the masses who will most likely rebel at some point.  Few are awakened to the fact that the world and nation is unraveling at breakneck speed.  Those in power and their governments will attempt to keep the train on track until some related or unrelated event derails their plans.  The resulting crash will ultimately be impossible to contain, repair or recover from while they have instituted their plan for the populace to attack one another and not the true thieves.

“Since the days of Jackson, the misfortune of our nation have come to it through ‘democracy’ the so called party of treason.”  Tombstone inscription requested from civil war soldier more than 120 years ago.

Daily we witness expressions of the elite’s necessary “democracy” yet people continue to suffer under various absolute rulers in the tyranny of socialism and growing communism.  We constantly here that democracy is needed for Ukraine and Syria but what always emerges from these elite rulers is more subjugation of individual rights and criminal activities at the highest levels.  Old laws are no longer followed and new laws protect the elite.  We are experiencing that no freedom can emerge from a belief system called “democracy”!   Do you see any real freedom emerging from what most Americans believe a democracy to be?  Are economic conditions improving for anyone in the U.S. or anyone in countries around the world?   Our most recent elections again showed spending at record rates, sometimes $200 per vote, to maintain their system and corrupt governance.  Has voting the status quo Democratic or Republican ticket improved anything since the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913?
And soon, once again, a generation will learn the hardest lesson, as past generations have, that owning assets of gold and silver are the only, one true money!