“If the citizenry cannot replace a dysfunctional government or limit the power of the financial Aristocracy at the ballot box, we have a democracy in name only like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”  Unknown

Today, Americans biggest fear is the corruption of our “crony” government officials!  It is no wonder that Trump is leading the polls, an outsider telling the world what he will do if he were the next President.  “The mouth” professes that he will give them all a “give em hell Harry” Truman type of hope and change.  The world can see that he possesses the leadership qualities of dedication, assertiveness, humor, creativity and openness.  We but assume that he is also a fair man whom possesses integrity.   One might hope that an educated populace would prefer a leader that displays humility and magnanimity, the ability to give others credit as well as taking personal responsibility for ones failures.  The high intelligence and proven abilities of Ben Carson, Rand Paul or Carli Fiorini, whom have been quick and adept at renouncing their critics, appear to be the best choice of the right.

“The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.” John Steinbeck

Most Americans have serious reservations that the party will do what is best for the people of the “divided United States of America”.   I’d suspect Fiorini’s popularity has already been squashed by the Rhino’s.  Understand that with our current electoral process, the states that are being given the freebies will rule and the final choice of a President will be theirs.  Sad but true, your vote matters little!

Queen Hillary, on the other hand, is being handled with kid gloves.  The media fails to report the true fact that her emails are not mundane and inconsequential as most of our emails are today.  Her negligence has single handedly placed ALL Americans here and abroad at risk of danger and death and quite possibly the populace of other countries as well.  The effects, of Hillary’s spoiled, foot stomping demands, to use a personal email and server for communication, one not sanctioned by her own government, is simply unfathomable.  The under-educated populace, with no moral theology based compass as the U.S. was founded on, will most likely go the way that Argentina did by electing governance that doled out the spoils of her abundance from those who had created her abundance.

The legal and true American is clamoring for a paradigm shift from the road to ruins governance we have been delivered over the past decades and or century since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and its world affiliate banks.  Our fore fathers were given divine words and skill to create protection of the people when they wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It was not to protect the people of their day, but to protect those that were to follow hundreds of years later.   The answer was clear when Ron Paul demanded that Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve be audited, but the media was required by the elite controllers to paint Paul as a misfit, a conspiracy theorist, thereby discrediting him.  I have met and listened to Dr. Paul and he is anything but what the bought media and spoon fed population was fed.   The obvious cure the doctor ordered would kill their theft from the common serfs of the land.  Our leaders have no real true plan to correct their missteps and most are aligned with elite world players for a potential 2030 reset.

What we can count on when another status quo politician is finally elected at billions of dollars in expenses, is their list of worthless promises to fix the miss-deeds of a government with no longer a theology based compass of right and wrong.  Our Department of Justice is a mockery as in our appointed Supreme Court.  Marriage for all in order to provide dignity was their latest miscue.   Expect our world to be brought to her knees after another plan is set into motion by yet another false flag of their evilest creation.  The masses will then ALL raise their hands, beg for their preordained plan, the ideas of a few, so that most can stick their heads back into the quick sand of their private lives believing that all will return to order.  Our world will not however return to its former self, it will be reset to a new eroded version, a third world type of existence.

I guarantee that they will do as they profess in their New World Order Parliament Constitution and, “regulate finances, investments and insurance to eliminate the poor (at your expense); raise revenues and funds through direct or indirect means necessary for the purposes and activities of the World Government; establish and operate world financial, banking, credit and insurance institutions designed to serve human needs and to establish the issuance and regulation of the world’s currency, credit and exchange.”  They will do NOTHING to take the real money out of the hands of the few!

They will continue to add digits to our dollar, as will all other nations, to keep in lock step with one another and continue the theft.  The continued domino effect of default of more and more foreign nation’s monetary systems will continue as will our own default of our debt in due time.  The middle class will continue to disappear as more families lose what their ancestors worked for over the past decades and century.  Home ownership will drop precipitously, as it did from the 2008 high of 70% to our current 55% to another low of 30%.  There will be only a few hundred mega banks and no small businesses, no more family farms and very few jobs to secure.  Corporations who off shored in the past will be shuttered as markets dry up with no one any longer able to purchase products there will be no need for reinvestment of profits and their assets will be but directed into their controlling owner’s pockets.  The landscape of the past few decades in Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington metropolitan areas will be the standard city of the future.   Most will be forced to live in these areas to receive free shelter and food to survive, a forced existence like vermin, while the few control us.  The elites plan to destroy the American way of life through the redistribution of wealth through progressive socialism and globalization will be completed.  In time the land of the free will be just another Argentina with her lack of growth from free capitalism.

Our government has failed “we the people”.  They do just the opposite of what they were set out to do, “To do for the people what the people were unable to do for themselves”.  Governments should not be forcing its people into slavery through globalization and lowering wages year after year and yet it is happening all around the world today.  Governments should not be able to steal from the governed but they do through money printing or digitizing the monies of a nation and yet they are, all around the world today.  Governments should not be monitoring all of our financial transactions, but they do today by forcing us to use credit, debit cards and eliminating our ability to utilize cash in our trade transactions and yet they are, all around the world today.  Governments should not be gathering information by listening to the mundane conversations of the 90% that follow the rule of law and are working harder than ever to feed, shelter, educate and care for their families, but they do all around the world today.   Governments should not be regulating every aspect of our businesses with inane regulations, nor regulating our healthcare and impeding our lives with obstacles that greatly increase the cost of purchasing healthcare, cost of doing business and reducing our standard of living, but they do all around the world today.   Lastly governments should be minding their own business and only intervening in other countries concerns if they are called upon to assist and insure to secure peace.  We should never use our military strength to fight THEIR inane money wars with their manipulated and contrived message that “Americans must keep the world safe for democracy.”

Get out of ALL their systems, as best you can and refuse to use their worthless paper investments, their banks, their schools, their food, and their medical systems.  A home garden which produces a home cooked meal is actually a revolutionary act leading one to better health, as exercise is required, giving you your health thus saving your wealth!

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.” Dr. Michael Ellner

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