1 oz. 2021 Royal Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin


Since 2015 The Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA program has offered the highest security on the market for any bullion coin. Each bullion coin features a textured maple leaf security privy mark, micro-engraved with laser technology, and is visible only under magnification. Etched within the maple leaf security mark are the two digits indicating the coin’s production year. Each micro-engraving is encoded, scanned, and recorded at the mint for future authentication, giving each coin their unique Bullion DNA. Every Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin dated 2018 and later now features MINTSHIELD Surface Protection,  the world’s only proven technique for significantly reducing the appearance of white spots or “milk spots” on Silver bullion coins.

The Silver Maple Leaf was first introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988. The Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada. A single maple leaf adorns the reverse of this beautiful one troy ounce .9999 fine silver coin while the obverse bears the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Collectors and investors alike purchase this coin not only for its beauty but also for the extraordinary purity and quality that is necessary to meet the standards of the Royal Canadian Mint.

All 2021 $5 Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins include enhanced security features: radial lines, a micro-engraved maple leaf, and BULLION DNATM Anti-Counterfeiting Technology as well as the MINTSHIELDTM surface protection, reducing the occurrence of white spots.