All great democracies have ceased to exist somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded, and The United States of America’s Republic is 235 years old.

The United States, and every other government in the world, has been building their own “fiscal cliffs” for the past 100 years.  Today as in the past all countries are racing to reach the bottom first so they can offer the cheapest goods and services to each other.   The big question is who will be the first to debase and devalue their fiat currency to the bottom first?  Will the U.S. be like France of 100 years ago, with the cheapest goods, or be like Germany, adding zeros to the reichsmark till they were worthless?

My father, a World War II veteran always said, “Government should only do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves.”   He said, “Taxes are but a small price to pay for the freedoms we have in America.”   Now days however, paying taxes just isn’t enough to pay for the largesse our government seems to give to everyone at the slightest provocation.   Do you agree with enormous spending for military bases everywhere including GITMO, spending for wars Congress has never voted for, assistance to other countries who hate Americans, illegal immigrants swarming to this country because their country is overrun by the drug cartels, or welfare for lazy multi generational Americans and the new illegal immigrants?   Do you approve that your president, senators, and congressmen all receive lifetime wages and preferential medical care while you receive Obama care?

I have a friend who is a retired C.I.A. employee.   He has received a million dollars a year in retirement and medical insurance.  He has a policy with virtually no limits, visits only the best doctors and hospitals, and has never set foot in a Veterans hospital.  He has collected over 32 million dollars and is just one government employee.   The system that has been created is all about them and not us.   During the past three presidential terms, the U.S. has added $10 Trillion dollars of debt to the national “tab.”  This  debt trajectory our government is on is unsustainable!   Isn’t it obvious to you that government is not printing money for the people’s benefit but only to save their own skin and congressional positions?

Think now about your Social Security and the fact is that government has stolen all surpluses from your retirement funds, while substituting IOU’s, and insuring its demise.  Do you think Medicare or Medicaid will be available in the future for you?  You’ve been paying into it for 30 plus years.   Paying taxes to support the services received, will never cover their cost.  Taxes were instituted by the government, simply, to discover what the average man was earning through his hard work.   Every program the government has developed guarantees its complete and utter demise, from those named above to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the U.S Postal system, Welfare, and do you really believe that Obama Care will be any different.   Do we really need 90% of the federal government?

Our government, complicit with the banks who rule them, has figured out how to create one disastrous calamity after another, to steal everything you have worked for your entire life.  Recently, the tech bubble burst, the housing burst and now the current “counterfeit money printing,” which has been coined as “Quantitative Easing  One, Two, and now Three.”  Quantitative Easing didn’t just start with this administration in 2009.  Money printing started in 1913, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which can create fiat money out of thin air.  Unfortunately, it won’t end until our dollar is worth nothing and you will be left holding worthless paper if you save in dollar denominated instruments.

Many of you may have lost your homes, retirement funds, businesses, savings, or even your children’s college funds, while you blindly have faith that government is working for you, or that a new president will make a difference.  The Federal Reserve is owned by many of the same banks who own and operate J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others.  Federal law requires that candidates divulge the names of their largest contributors.  To avoid this, Congress has passed another bill which allows the Super Pac’s to contribute as much as they can collect for candidates of their choice, with no identification of the contributors.  Where is the advertised transparency?   Is this fair, logical, or balanced?  Who really are the big contributors to the Obama and Romney campaigns?   How are we to know?  Your government’s plans are to seize everything you have worked for, including your home, business, family farm, your labor and future labor and you will always be an indentured servant of the state.  Call me crazy or a conspiracy theorist, but just hear me out.  My advice is, don’t believe anything the government says.  Do the opposite or who will take care of your family, your retirement, your medical insurance or feed and house you when the dollar fails? Protect your family!

Do I hope the system fails?  No, but I also have come to realize that no one but, “IN GOD I TRUST,” and myself is going to look after my family.  When that day comes, I believe you will thank me for being a fellow patriot who assisted you by brokering your hard earned dollars for something of intrinsic value such as silver, gold, palladium or platinum.  These assets have stood the test of time for 5,000 years.