The U.S. Federal Reserve states that “Our motive behind Quantitative Easing is to stimulate the economy, produce jobs and kick-start the economy.”  This is what our government tells us they are doing to help you and me.  If you believe that I have a “Bridge to No-where” for sale!  QE continuous was designed to avert the U.S. government’s default on our debt and hopefully keep global bond holders in the loop to buy new debt, redeem fraudulent mortgage bonds and cover up trillions of mortgage bond fraud and counterfeit Treasury bonds.  Do you personally know anyone that holds U.S. Treasury Bonds or has ever bought them?  Soon companies may be required to hold government bonds in their pension funds in the future and you will be left with a smaller than anticipated pension or worse yet no pension.

I have learned, over the last 15 years, those monetary policies that create asset bubbles are both bad for the economy and highly destructive to personal wealth. The Fed, desperate to find a new asset bubble to replace the housing & mortgage twin bubbles, has discovered the US Treasury Bond.  Our central bank knows nothing else, only inflation engineering.  How can one criticize an institution steeped in inflation creation from doing what it does best, creating the next bubble.  The US Treasury Bond will be the last bubble to burst and to be followed by a black hole when it most assuredly collapses.

Ben Bernanke has promised QE continuous or $40 billion for bond purchases a month which is actually $85 billion ($1 trillion per year). He continues to reiterate that they will continue this plan until the economy recovers and the labor market improves.  This manipulation, by our chairman, will do nothing more than drive the demise of our central bank franchise system at a quickened pace to destruction.  Their bizarre behavior is a self destructive path and sure death sentence to all of us.  The end will cause unforeseen pain and suffering for the American public.

Bank regulators have backed off on the requirements know as BASEL III, because U.S. banks do not have the additional $1 trillion in collateral required to fortify the derivative craziness.  For now the U.S. banking system will remain a shell game.  In early November the U.S Feds issued a formal statement delaying the implementation of Basal III capital rules that bank examiners ruled in favor of in July. Basal III rules were to go into effect January 1st however JP Morgan and Sachs stated that they were not ready to implement the requirements.

US banks do not have the funds necessary to provide collateral for over $100 trillion in derivatives put in place since the 1990 decade when the US banking system suffered a fully hidden collapse. It has not recovered, and will not. The financial crisis of 2008 was simply a visible event on the same sequence. Other international agencies have delayed implementation of bank rules. The Basel III committee appears to wish to collapse the entire system and impose global fascism. The media, meanwhile, is fixated on the US Government debt with the fanciful fiscal cliff.  Few seem to be noticing the fact that the expanded world nations of Spain, Greece, Italy, Europe and Japan continue their free fall.


France no longer allows the public to purchase physical gold with cash. Gold may only be purchased using credit cards so the government can track who is purchasing it.  This is driving the sales of gold and silver illegally across the border to Belgium.

The new $100 bills due to be released in 2013 feature the latest technology against counterfeiting!  It has a new 3-D security ribbon, a gold bell in an inkwell, a portrait watermark, the same security thread and color shifting on the bill.  Visit to see all the new modifications.   It also states on the site, “It is not necessary to trade in your old design notes for new ones.  All U.S currency remains legal tender, regardless of when it was issued.”   So it isn’t counterfeit, yet it’s worth nothing! China melts down our pennies for copper to use in their manufacturing and our government spends 2.6 cents to make a one cent penny which is more than it costs to make a dollar bill.  Will the dollar soon be worth even less than a penny?  Even copper has intrinsic value.

The world derivative market is worth more than one quadrillion dollars, $200 trillion in the U.S. and nets ZERO sales tax revenue for the U.S.  What a bonus for the super-rich! The Chicago Mercantile Exchange reported in 2011 trading volume of over $1 quadrillion on 3.4 billion annual contracts and the sales tax was zero.  A sales tax of one-tenth of a penny on a quadrillion would pay off the deficit!

Our federal government knows how to siphon off taxpayer funds, empower themselves and redirect the economy into a black hole?  It appears that we are becoming more and more like Rome everyday while our government officials are honored, esteemed, deified and worshipped over the rest of the people they are supposed to serve.  The Roman Empire devalued their coinage in half and finally dispersed coinage of bronze instead of gold.  Sound familiar?  “It is self evident, common sense is simply uncommon!”  So protect your family!