The other day my husband said to me, “Am I normal?”  I re-assuredly replied, “Yes, honey you are normal, the problem is that we live in an abnormal world these days.” He looked at me and said, “You know, I think you’re right. That’s why I can’t seem to watch the news, commercials or a movie’s previews anymore. It’s just that the news leaves me wondering if it’s true, the commercials humor is off color and the movies are too graphic and violent.”  

It seems that our television, media and technology has contributed immensely to escalate the destruction of our culture just as the Roman Empire was destroyed from within. I often wonder if the Romans knew they were going down the drain.  As their civilization declined, their debts grew and crime soared. The people became unable to care for themselves and bureaucracy proliferated.  If the ancient Romans had television and movies, they would have been watching the same junk the world sees now. I can only speak for America, but it must be the same everywhere, to a greater or lesser degree. 

We accept television programs showing games of tremendous violence like cage fighting, television programming that shows people manipulating others or screaming at one another on daytime as normal. It is common place to view displays of sexuality on primetime T.V. that influence the viewer to live their lives as they do on the T.V. screen. Advertisements on T.V. remind us that every 60 seconds an animal is abused, as they are deemed to be equal to humans, while we ignore and seldom see an advertisements stating that every 23 seconds in the U.S. a baby is killed by abortion.  How long will it be until it is reported that every 60 seconds a Muslim woman is defiled while we will never hear about the Christian being killed every 23 seconds in the world? 

We allow our children to buy games that promote violence and killing, with extreme visual content, because bit by bit they will become numb to accept it all. Decades of John Wayne movies have been replaced by the sick stuff that now does produces huge box office revenues.  Gone are the wonderful westerns with the good and the bad guys who always lose. Today’s westerns are full of long haired creeps, grossness, obscenities, and glamorization, not people of upright and moral character. Music has degenerated into such a hideous state, that ear shattering distortions, indecency, and ugliness is par for the course. Equally futile, is the search for good workmanship in any field, which used to be the normal course of manufacturing and fabrication. Reading has become a lost art while the world’s eyes are glued to the boob tube night after night, absorbing trite, shallow, sit-coms and other drivel.  Our civilization is degenerating, and is probably beyond repair. Our world is fast descending into another “Dark Age”!

The acceptance of this new normalcy which displays lack of morals, ethics and behavior influence our children in negative ways and in time dehumanizes all people particularly women and children. What I am saying is that each of us has a choice of what we allow in our children’s and our own minds.  Those choices, unknowingly, form and influence our psyche. Our lives are a continuous stream of choices we must make, good or bad. Ultimately those choices represent an easier or harder life in the long distance race of life we run.  herefore you must  as a parent recognize that you know what is best for your children and choose to eliminate most television, most movies, most video games and sometimes even people that are inappropriate for your children to learn from.  Our children emulate what they see. Do you really want your children turning into a “Jersey Boy or Girl”, Paris Hilton or Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men”? 

The issues, at the heart, of our culture’s downward spiral have escalated in just the past fifty years at an alarming rate. Technology for the good of the masses has turned into the degradation of the masses. We were taught and our children are being taught, in our schools, to accept more and more liberating changes. This would be good we were taught. Our government ruled that abortion is legal, our television showed us that sex is something every teenager is doing, affairs outside of marriage are matter of fact and bombings with people dying in the streets are common place. We began to admire those who attained financial success even when we knew they received such gains wrongly or even illegally. They never got caught or they were never charged by the authorities for doing anything wrong so it’s O.K. 

Today, we can see the results of our culture’s last century’s choices and the influences it has had on all of us.  Our children are killing one another and we fault the tool used and our governing authorities attempt to blame the tool and legislate it away. They simply, in fact, refuse to take responsibility for our culture’s failures.  Everyone else is to blame. Many of our government officials exhibit their own lack of good parenting by interrupting, dismissing others and speaking lies about their peers. Our current V.P. comes to mind. If a national emergency would ensue he would become our commander and chief. They display a profound lack of common, good judgment in their positions. They daily exhibit lack of moral fiber in their personal and professional lives often lacking integrity in their dealings and display just a plain and simple lack of good manners. They seem to lack every personal attribute that our forefathers had who built our country to be its finest. Lastly they lack any modem of spiritual devoutness or humbleness that is necessary to govern. They seem to admonish or forget their education on history or do not possess even a modem of historical knowledge of our countries or worlds historical mistakes and successes.

Our world and country appear to be, at an alarming rate, in a state of downward spiral.  The Roman Empire existed some 2000 plus years. When compared to our current state one would have to agree that they were quite successful.  Their causes of decline were many such as a debased gold currency that had left the country and not returned, the infighting, two capitals who spent more than they produced, migration, plagues and a constituency that had become lazy living off the government and unable to defend themselves. It is predicted that the U.S. will cease to exist in less than 1/10 that time due to technological advances that advance decay at an elevated rate. One can see our culture faltering all around us and it will be up to each of us to start where we can in our own homes to become self sufficient and influence those we can. John Adams stated, “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword the other is by debt.”  Both of these requirements are being ensured by our current government leaders and the results appear to be imminent.

The daily continuous barrage of immoral or unethical behaviors have numbed us into accepting that what once was abnormal to us is now the new normal. We were in the past normal humans in a normal world.  Now, we feel abnormal, in what we find is the new normal world and we may well soon become new abnormal humans whom were abhorred in our past world if we allow it. Everything that was once perfectly created must ultimately fails, fall, collapse, die and be destroyed.  That is just the way it is. Nothing good ever lasts and out of the rubble comes, perhaps, a rebirth I hope!  Attempt to exact change in your life, your families and get your house in order.