Do you remember watching the London riots on T.V. during the seventies? The police had no guns, little round shields and a few dogs against thousands of mostly black rioters who succeeded in burning an entire neighborhood down over a three day period. They were breaking into homes and the householders were attempting to defend themselves with pots and pans!  Other cities in the UK, such as Liverpool and Manchester, suffered the same shameful performance of both the rioters and would be tamers with no guns. 

Those silly Brits had allowed their guns to be confiscated years ago and even their bobby’s are not allowed to carry guns. The result has been crime escalating to horrendous proportions. If you are caught carrying a pocket knife in Britain you may spend a year in jail.  These socialists have become absurd. If the police were armed, does one think that entire neighborhoods would have been burned?  If homeowners had guns to protect themselves, is it possible that trying to defend themselves with pots and pans would have been necessary?

This past fall we received a visit from two young fellows traveling the U.S. from England and Denmark.  They had worked with my daughter at a children’s camp back east over the summer. These boy’s eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they viewed where we lived, a modest home we built ourselves and the few animal heads and birds that hung on our walls.  They were amazed that we hunted or even owned a gun.  They stated that only the very wealthy hunted or owned guns and most of their citizenship lived in small apartments or very small homes. They had never held a gun, fired a gun or known anyone that ever hunted in their twenty four years. They went on to tell of how they themselves had been assaulted and robbed by thugs unafraid of being injured because no one could even own a pocket knife. They and the populace strictly obeyed their government’s laws and mandates on prohibiting gun ownership. They had experienced their own apartments and homes being broken into, ransacked and robbed in their short lives. They had friends and family members who had been injured by street thugs and criminals who often didn’t need to carry a gun to perpetuate crimes against the docile citizenship.  An early movie from the seventies, “A Clock Work Orange”, comes to mind as I recall this futuristic film showing European thugs wreaking havoc on the citizens by assaulting those on the streets and breaking into citizen’s home to pillage, steal and rape at will. 

It is amazing how many countries have allowed their governments to complete the exact same confiscation. Australia abolished gun ownership and completed gun confiscation after a 1996 mass shooting by a mentally disturbed citizen. Then Prime Minister, John Howard, just wrote an article January 2013 for the New York Times stating that his law had been an absolute victory as no mass gun massacres have happened since 1996. Mr. Howard states that, “Australia is an intensely urban society with 60 percent of people living in large cities.  We have no well financed or powerful N.R.A. and Australia, correctly in my view, has no Bill of Rights so legislatures have more say so than American’s do over many issues of individual rights.” Australians also have no constitutional right to bear arms since the British gave them their nationhood while Americans had had to fight for theirs.  It had seemed that certain states might refuse to enact the ban therefore Mr. Howard threatened to hold a national referendum to alter the Australian Constitution and give the federal government constitutional power over guns. In the end the majority supported the banning of certain weapons and 700,000 guns were bought back through a special tax on the citizens.  Mr. Howard states that his gun confiscation was an absolute victory as there has not been a single massacre in that category since 1996.

I say poppy cocks! Today, year 1 to year 16, has seen armed robberies increase respectfully 45 to 65%, assaults 8 to 28%, murders 3 to19% and a dramatic increase home invasions 10 to 21% while the actual number of home invasions is considerable higher based on the fact that Australia’s government’s definition of a home invasion isn’t an invasion unless a gun is used and the homeowners experience the actual act. Today Australia’s most current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has enjoyed support for her famous speech “Immigrant, not Australian must adapt! Take it or leave it!” Interesting enough a new survey of 1000 citizen’s report that Mr. Howard is the number one favorite Prime Minister of all time while Ms. Gillard was last possibly due to her stating she isn’t a believer.  Such a small survey makes me think of the old adage, “Figures don’t lie but liar’s figure!”

While the media doesn’t publicize it, hundreds of times a day in America, crimes are prevented by gun carrying or owning citizens pointing them and sometimes killing the criminals.  The 200 plus million guns, possibly double that figure, in the hands of Americans are what make criminals very uneasy and their profession risky.  Politicians and government whether they will admit it or not know very well that if they step too far over the line, which they are often wont to do, that patriotic citizens may solve the problem themselves.  Patriotic citizens, several times have met on the D.C. mall and threatened politicos, and left the place spotless.  Liberals and their ilk have also met on the mall, and left it a shambles with tons of trash littering the place.  I wonder if that explains the dozens of ruined, abandoned neighborhoods in major cities like Detroit, Washington D.C and hundreds of others across the U.S.  The fact that there have been riots in major American cities such as the ones when Martin Luther King was shot means that conservatives, if possible, should leave the major cities for their own protection.  Those riots destroyed the entire shopping area in Washington D.C. where my husband grew up in the late 60’s.  It can happen again!

Hundreds of thousands are leaving California, New York, Illinois and high tax or politically unstable places, to protect themselves in case of future riots, unbearable taxes, or crime waves impossible to stop.  If the budget is to be balanced, lots of freebies will have to be stopped, and this will surely cause enormous, property and life destructing riots on a massive scale.  No insurance can cover damage done by rioters, nor can it bring back to life those who lost theirs by being present at the time.

The sudden turn to gun control in the face of mounting financial problems is no accident a Ms. Chapman Fitts contends, “Guns protect honest people.  It’s a little scary, the timing of this, and I think a little bit obvious.  Gun control is a way to take away the financial assets of the honest hard working people.”  She goes on to say, “I think there is a real risk here that they’re going to awake the sleeping giant.”  Fitts says we are not necessarily going to get a “new” currency, but it is definitely going digital.  Fitts warns, “Once we are in a spot where the currency can be entirely digital, then we’re in a new state of very invasive control. . . . One of the reasons I love gold and silver is that it allows me not to be digital”   Fitts says the real fight over the fiscal cliff is how we are going to pay for the mess.  Fitts thinks, “Politicians have already committed to inflation.”  Fitts predicts, “The chances of another financial collapse are very small because every time we come up to a moment where a financial collapse starts to be a real risk, what happens?  We get war.”

Revelation 9:16 speaks of, “an army of 200,000 will overtake the rest”. Only China could possibly field an army of such vast size from the east.  Could it possibly be that the Chinese, whom our natural resources have been mortgaged to, fear coming to take what is now rightfully theirs until our nation has been disarmed?  A gun is a means of defending oneself from a distance, without any physical confrontation, and that is the safety of a gun.  Pepper spray, fistfights, and baseball bats may work for some, but a gun at a safe distance is by far the best way to protect one self.  Everyone should own a gun and a few, preferably un-registered.  Why un-registered?  Because registering a gun is an invitation for the liberals and Democrats or others, to eventually declare them unlawful and come knocking on your door to seize them.  They’re trying to accomplish just that as we see today.  I would hope it would never get through the Tea Party controlled House of Representatives or could there be an executive order in a national plead to protect our children as Hitler stated and accomplished in Germany years ago? Does history ever repeat itself? Now plan to protect your family in any way you must!