I have written before about the public indoctrination centers, we call “public education”, here in the United States.  Our infamous Department of Education has so “dumbed down” Americans that it is no wonder we have the poor governance we have elected today.  Most Americans today lack the basic history of our nation let alone of our world.  Our math and science skills are subpar to other nations and we no longer are the leaders in the world’s technological innovations.  This is quite possibly why, during the past 20 years, we have the so called “leaders” whom have sold our countries future down the drain.


I have also written before that our constituency does not know what “reserve currency” is or means to our continued relevance in world trade.  If we are to purchase goods and services other countries must desire our dollar as a stable stable currency, to trade amongst each other in purchasing their goods and services as well. I fear that the dollar is no longer the “reserve currency” of the world.


Then what is the cause of our current depression and why are we not coming out of this depression?  The reason is because of the creation of the World Trade Organization and the fact that few Americans understand what the WTO is and why it is important to their future.  Did you know that the WTO is a global government for world trade?  They contract with each member country to sign with the WTO to trade their wares and the WTO restricts the ability of member nations to direct their own economies and set their own trade policies.  The United Nations is the only international organization that has more power than the WTO.  The World Trade Organization was created in 1995 as a replacement for GATT or the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.  Currently there are 153 nations contracting with the WTO which is 97% of the world’s nations.  Yes, the WTO has been responsible for the explosion in world trade that we have experienced over the past 20 years but now we are learning that this has not been a good thing for the masses of Americans.


“Globalism” is destroying America. The WTO is not good for the U.S. economy and it never will be.


1. Labor is now a global commodity.  American workers are now in direct competition with the cheapest labor in the world.  Millions of American workers have lost their jobs.  Factories have closed across the United States particularly in manufacturing and we no longer produce anything. JOBS ARE NOT COMING BACK AND ONCE GREAT AMERICAN CITIES ARE  NOW HELL HOLES AND RUST BELTS!


2. There is no accountability to any people around the globe.  This bureaucracy wields power that is unchecked by the democratic process.  Both of our political parties are 100 percent behind this system which is designed to de-industrialize the United States, ship our jobs overseas and substantially lower our standard of living. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST ELECT POLITICIANS WHO ARE IN FAVOR OF PULLING OUT OF THE WTO.


3. It has eliminated the middle class and widened the gap between the rich and poor.  Under globalized free trade all our wealth is rapidly being transferred into the hands of the very wealthy. We must understand that the system is rigged and demand from our leaders that imports be taxed at a high rate. THE FEW WORKERS LEFT WILL NO LONGER BE BUYING CARS OR HOUSES!


4. The regulations are created by the corporations that dominate the world economy.  The WTO is dominated by international bankers and large corporations from the most developed nations.  They create and change the rules as they see fit to benefit themselves to earn even greater monetary gains. THE SUPER  WEALTHY 1%  ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE U.S.  THEY ARE ENCOURAGING THEIR OWN FOREIGN COUNTRIES TO BUY UP THE U.S.’S INFRASTRUCTURE.


5. The WTO forces the U.S. to accept unsafe products.  Remember the appearance of ground up melamine in baby formula and how about “Grown in China” garlic from Sam’s Club reportedly grown in feces or the massive amounts of chicken imported from unsanitary factories in China.  Read your labels carefully because otherwise you won’t know that the product you are purchasing is safe especially if it is from China.  The WTO allows imports held to the producing countries standards and they literally have no minimum standard.  These imports are not held to the same standards American products are and would appear to be unfair trading practices but the WTO makes the rules and super cedes our F.D.A.  WE BORROW 50% OF OUR MONEY FROM CHINA AND SEND IT BACK TO CHINA  FOR JUNK WE STORE IN GARAGES AND STORAGE UNITS! HELL, THE CHINESE DON’T EVEN BUY THEIR OWN PRODUCTS!


6. This organization is the judge and jury in world trade.  They have the authority to impose punishments and exercise that authority at will.  They can sue other small member nations and these mega corporations can sue small countries to keep them in their place.   They are also the executioner if anyone doesn’t like their decisions and attempts to challenge their authority.  SIMPLY PUT, WE HAVE TOO FEW, WITH TOO MUCH POWER, IN A WORLD THAT VIEWS THESE MEGALADON SHARKS AS THE NEW “GODS” IN A “TOO BIG TO FAIL” AND “TOO BIG TO JAIL” MONETARY RULED WORLD OF TODAY.


Yes, the American people are upset about the state of the economy, but they don’t comprehend what is going on.  Americans continue to get angrier and angrier about the economy and they want someone to “fix” it.  Americans are just not educated enough to understand that under “globalism” combined with their insatiable demand for cheap products their own standard of living is dropping as poorer nations standard of living goes up.  Remember, haven’t we been sold the ideal that there is supposed to be “equality” all over the world.  We weren’t told, though, that the end result would be that America would become a third world country as well.


What will result is that we will all be working for the global corporations at slave wages, without medical insurance, retirement or pension benefits and with no ability to ever purchase a home or lift ourselves out of our self created poverty.  The top 1% of all income earners will become fabulously wealthy, while the remainder of us will work our lives away as serfs in their kingdom.


Years ago a “60 Minutes” program toured an old company in Massachusetts that made winter jackets and pants. This man was a real character who had worked hard all his life making quality outerwear.  He treated his employee’s like they were family.  This man knew every job because he had done the work himself at one time. This man evoked integrity, honesty, work ethic and immense leadership. His employees loved him and respected him.  His story is not unique as he was forced to close his business when the cheap imports flooded our market after 1995.


Today we are addicted to the junk these corporations produce.  Nike and Gap entrap young girl employees with a scam ad in a newspaper about a job. Then they are caged in a factory with barbed wire and security guards and have to work for .35 cents per hour. The girls have to pay “rent” for a bunk bed and a little food, a debt they can never repay for their freedom and we buy their clothes at Wal-Mart.


When did the world become so abnormal? How did we go so wrong? As I’ve said before the system is rigged by these globalist predator institutions like the World Bank and the IMF and their plan is to push us all into one global market and labor pool.


Will the American people wake up and realize what is going on?


Probably not as the American populace of “Zombie’s” are so tired at the end of their day attempting to make a living that they will just drop in front of their T.V. to watch “American Idol” and “Monday Night Football.” It seems we are just too busy being entertained by the 1%’s bought media and too stupid to “Enlighten” ourselves and react by stopping our shopping patterns of the past 20 years.


Interesting thought, if we do become a third world country and there is no longer a middle class who will they market their cheap and unsafe products too?  Start with your local Chamber of Commerce and make sure that they understand that you do not want free trade with China!  When I spoke up at my local chamber meeting you could have heard a pin drop and their leadership, from one of the big banks, tried to explain to me why we needed them.