Do you actually believe the unemployment numbers the government reports, what about the low inflation numbers cooked up as well and a government debt that is virtually un-payable? It appears that ninety percent of our constituency is merely walking “Zombies”, dead to the problems. Do they really believe what the media tells them? The really only thing helping this economy is the low or free interest available from the Fed and if you are a bank, well, you borrow the money for free.

The Federal Reserve has added more than $2 Trillion to their balance sheet and remember as the economy was unraveling in 2007 those in charge admitted they didn’t see it coming. These are the same people in charge now who are creating the new bubble with QE-Infinity. They are buying up $85 billion a month of T-bond “Crap” and pumping it into the economy like a sewage pipe creating even another bubble. Japan is doing it, England is doing it, simply put everyone is playing the game of musical chairs trying to beat it to the bottom.

If there are Illuminati, there are un-Illuminati running this mess or just maybe the Illuminati are very smart and have a bunch of flunkies paid to do as they are told! If the average person can’t see what is happening I will say it! This is simply a takeover, a global takeover of everything you have acquired. The too big to fail banks, in 2007, use to control 55% of the action and today they control 80%. No heads have rolled here in the U.S. nor in the rest of the world with the exception of Iceland, or over in Europe over the Libor scandal.

This is how badly the game is rigged! Eric “Hitler” Holder states, “I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions have become so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if we do prosecute and do bring charges it will have a negative impact on the national economy and possibly on the world economy, I believe that this is the function, that some of these institutions have become too large.” A staggering statement made by Holder. This so called leader is nothing more than a flunky for the bankers. He even excuses his inaction and won’t prosecute them. If you or I have one drink too many or are one minute late paying our mortgage or taxes we are going to get nailed! You miss one payment and the bank will refuse to allow you to make up that payment. You will then receive a demand letter for the complete balance of the note. This is a GLOBAL takeover! 

Austerity measure is a polite word. Here is an austerity measure, bankers made lots of money and continue to make a lot of bad bets. They stretch themselves all over the place and they are going to get as much money as they can. They don’t care who they loan it to and then when you can’t pay it back here is what they do. They are going to screw the taxpayers. They are going to get every damn nickel they can from those that work. I’d call it privatization and they are going take yours and my most valuable assets.  They are going to sell them to their friends at the current zero interest rate because they don’t like taking losses. There is an unfair acceleration and sequestration of citizen’s property.  Banks and governments are protecting themselves first and foremost.  They simply do not care about their citizens.

History is repeating itself with the panic of 1908 followed by a great depression, currency wars, trade wars and World War I. Then there came the stock market crash of 1929, followed by The Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars and World War II. Our government continues putting phony numbers up on the score board and no one is calling a spade a spade. This is a depression we are in with currency wars, trade wars and the next place we will be is in World War III. The psycho’s chasing the money will cause it and the common man will again suffer as he has in the past 6 years and continue his fall into serfdom. The super rich will once again emerge unscathed and control more while their net worth’s will have grown exponentially. All one can hope for is revolutions in Italy, Greece and all other nations to follow. This will be World War lll by the people against their governments in civil outbreaks over unfair government takeover and control of everything one owns. We just need to figure out how we can do it peacefully so as not to lose our most powerful protection, our Constitution of the United States. What we need is a peaceful, all out refusal to file taxes to get the attention of our politicians that we aren’t going to pay for their ridiculous and never ending programs, bailouts, retirements and medical insurance while we are stuck with Obama care!

So far the markets have reflected little of the shattered trust and changes happening in European banking for one reason, the Cyprus banks have been closed, and will be closed indefinitely preventing the mass media from broadcasting what happens when an entire population erupts. Foreign depositors will have the opportunity to close out their bank accounts physically or electronically. I fear there will be extreme public outrage as a result when they find out, courtesy of fractional reserve banking, that they only have a tiny amount of deposits actually present.

Our populace actually thinks that this type of financial and economic events couldn’t happen here. Our constituency doesn’t even know that in 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared a national bank moratorium and closed all banks. Next he wrote an Executive Order 6102 allowing the government to confiscate all gold and gold certificates while exchanging them for paper. The threat was if you didn’t surrender your gold, you went to jail.  I have heard the order was rescinded and no one ever went to jail but everyone who turned in their gold was robbed.  The price of gold was set at $20.67 per ounce and by year’s end F.D.R. reset the price of gold to $35.00 an ounce stealing $15 for every $20 coin turned in to the banks. That is a 70% loss of what one owned.

Now, after we have all watched our retirements disappear in the past decade, former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has discussed the possibility of nationalizing IRAs and 401ks as a way of preserving the wealth of Americans. Gee, we lose our retirements and now the government has their eyes taking the little we have left. They want to spread it around based on the fact that they don’t believe it is fair that you have scrimped and saved while others never bothered to save for their retirements. Soon there will be forced austerity measures and means testing. Quite possibly if your home is paid for, guess what, you won’t be getting the social security entitlement you paid into either.

So, regarding the current situation involving the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, can it happen right here in our country? You bet it can, it is happening right now and it will accelerate rapidly. So protect your family before it is too late and brokers are required to register your purchases! Some firms already do!