1.  BUY PHYSICAL SILVER & GOLD – We have a trust issue in our world today.  Do you believe the stock market, 401k’s, mutual funds or C.D.’s are a safe place to store your wealth? Do you think banks are a safe place to store your dollars? Safety deposit boxes?

2.  TAKE DELIVERY – Don’t store it in a bank deposit box or in paid storage.  If the storage facility or bank wants it they will take it.

3.  KNOW YOU’RE DEALER – Visit with them, visit their web site, read their articles and ask them questions you might have.  Develop a relationship and they will get you what you need when you are ready to buy.

4.  BEWARE OF PREMIUMS – Stick with a dealer who has set prices, not a mysterious website or a computer where you can’t set the COMEX pricing.

5.  BUY SILVER BEFORE GOLD – It does take up more space, however every electronic gadget we use today utilizes silver.  It is the poor man’s gold and today the ratios are 55 to 1.  Historically these ratios have been 35 to 1 and even 16 to 1 so it appears that silver may experience a higher return in the future.

6.  STAY AWAY FROM NUMISMATICS – Unless you are a collector and know the value of certain coins stay away from dealers who attempt to sell them to you.

7.  BUY FRACTIONAL COINS OR JUNK SILVER – You can always use these to barter with others for goods or services or even food you may need.  Gold will be too dangerous to use!

8.  NEVER BUY ITEMS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND – Do you know what a put is, short, Gold ETF’s?  What if your investments in paper disappear overnight?  Invest in tangible goods, things that will always have value.  Enough said!

9.  DON’T WORRY ABOUT CONFISCATION – It would send prices skyrocketing then everyone will want it and you won’t have a problem trading or bartering with it.

10. DON’T BREAK THE LAW – This gives the government the right to take away from you anything used in committing the illegal act away from you.