SOCIAL SECURITY funds were moved to the general budget and spent in 1998 when Clinton claimed this $69 billion surplus.  That year the government spent $30 billion more than its revenue stream.  Social Security has been run like an illegal Ponzi scheme. I guarantee that the new “Entitlement Benefit” will become a means tested welfare program with benefits available only to the very poor. If you have a 401k or pension or home, guess what? You won’t get it.

Now our government has proposed that because it is unfair that some people own 401K plans, ROTH’s or pensions and rationalize that because these products have performed so poorly in the past decade (was that our fault too?) that our government is much better suited to insure their stability by taking over their control and investing them in government bonds. Nobody wants our bonds but you are going to be forced to hold them for your retirements security.

Our government will continue to hyper-inflate to meet their promises and continue to live in their dream world until the music stops playing, and Joe Public will end up without a chair and nothing to show for his 50 years of labor.  They will defend their power at all costs and have no intention of meeting promises made to repay their bond debts to other countries.  Do you really think they will keep their promises to the common man of Social Security, welfare, food stamps, housing, SNAP, Pell Grants, and the list goes on and on?  The Department of Homeland Security would not be training Russian soldiers in Tennessee, buying bullets, armored vehicles and investing in FEMA camps if they didn’t expect a problem. They know they will default on their promises because the dollar will fail.  They simply have no intention of honoring anything.  Will Americans get angry with no jobs, no food and no homes to live?  If they do, as the government suspects, the S.W.H.T.F.!  The angry mobs will take to the streets taking what they need, shooting anyone that gets in their way in an effort to survive.  They will then be met with those 1.7 billion hollow point bullets fired from the guns of trained Russians.

One must understand what is taking place. This is vital for our survival. Those who own the banks and government are watching Europe closely. What is happening in Europe they know will appear here when they cannot honor their debts and promises as well?

You will see:

.  Another banking crisis as countries turn their backs on our dollar and bonds and interest rates will rise rapidly.

.  Banks will fail and laws will be enacted forcing people to invest in bonds to “bail in” failing banks, municipalities and our government.

.  Personal bank accounts and 401k’s will be confiscated because they can be.

.  State and municipal governments will slide into bankruptcy as their budgets spiral out of control.

.  Unemployment will move to 50% including all long term unemployment.

.  The stock market will tumble like 1929 and housing values will fall precipitously in spite of the biggest stimulus program in our history.

.  Personal and business foreclosures will sky rocket as will personal and business bankruptcies that will soar due to a lack of jobs, falling income, private debt levels and no home equity to draw on.

.  Austerity measures will be implemented and the now dependent populace will riot demanding their fix from their government.

.  International police squads will patrol the streets firing upon the discontent who now are unable to feed, house, clothe or fend for themselves.  Many will be fired upon and others who request assistance will go to FEMA camps across the country.