It looks as if Silver may make a run up going forward as an expression of price and geometry from the recent low of $21 up towards $28 before its final big drop in a year or so down to $15 dollars.

After the New Year the Fed is NOT expected to taper, however with the manipulation of the cooked numbers from the governments new higher employment numbers resulting in an unemployment rate below 7.5%, one might expect the unexpected!   Why, you might ask, would the new Federal Chairman make the move to taper?  It is assumed that Ms. Yellen will continue to print, however, if she begins a taper of the Federal Reserve Q-3 programs injection into the financial markets (not the economy)and not announce the change to the general populace the stock market would crash and burn thus stealing size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3even more from the populace.  The big banks have been making a killing selling the markets long with free Fed money and switching to shorting the markets without telling the world would insure that they make even more money at the expense of those left in the stock market.

You see, they always tell us what they are planning to do, that way they are neither responsible nor complicit in any sin or outward theft from U.S. citizenry when the bubble bursts yet again.  They did tell us that the wealth of this countries populace needed to be re-distributed from the largest class, the wealthier middle class, to the poorest.   They did NOT state that their plans would include the wealthiest corporations or powered elitist whose wealth has grown a staggering 31% in just five years from 2009 to 2012.   This is exactly what the 2012 FDIC regulation states; the system will confiscate deposits from the poorest bank depositors via a “bail-in” and not the top shareholders or owners of the banks here in the U.S. and in England.

Today, Tuesday December, 10, 2013 THE FDIC will discuss the regulation originally created and dated December 2012.  The agenda today is, The Resolution of Systemically Important Financial Institutions: The Single Point of Entry Strategy.     Link
The mega banks, lead bulls, are averting the cliff and selling their U.S. Equities at an alarming rate just as the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 post all time highs, “while the herd follows so far behind the lead bull he fails to see the herd bull turn to avert the cliff.”

Since 2009 the stock market has been driven higher than ever before with money loaned from the FEDS counterfeit Q-Infinity program.  Then these banks leveraged those funds many times over and invested it into the market.  The general public couldn’t stand sitting on the sidelines and piled some $100 B back into the markets just this year.  The Fed will continue printing, however the boy has cried wolf too many times and we know that the wolf won’t announce when the real, true taper begins.  At least not until the banks have liquidated their long positions and when the mega banks start shorting the markets then the Fed will taper with no announcement and the “ruse” of the stock market will be up.  This time though the pride filled, greedy small investor who lost his shirt in 2008 will lose his pants, underwear and socks!

The plan of the powered elites is to transfer what’s left of the majority’s wealth (the middle class) into the hands of a small group of wealthy Hasidic Jews.  This group controls the Federal Reserve , owns the mega banks, international corporations and the governments of most of the world.  Their end plans are to eliminate the United States and create their One World Ordered Nation under the all-seeing Eye.  The servant class will then be totally controlled, monitored and reduced to involuntary servitude receiving minimum wage with little or no healthcare and some form of entitlement to keep the peace amongst them.  It will be “Hunger Games” all over but don’t they already tell us their plans in the movies!  Protect your family before the window closes the COMEX is being emptied as you ponder!

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