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The stock market continues its tear!  The Nasdaq Composite is up 34%, the DOW 33% and the S & P 500 is up 27% YTD, so why shouldn’t you get in on the action while our government continues their theft from the populace?

This quandary makes for a very difficult decision when what you grew up learning about markets has been blown sky high with government market intervention.  A common malady and quesize=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3stion I receive is what portion of my assets should I have in gold and silver?  For retirees the old 70/30 or 60/40 has been retired as investors have been duped this past year into dumping over $100 B back into the markets.  Today’s current market is more like a poker game at a questionable Casino where the house never loses.  So why would you place a bet higher than 10% that you can’t afford to lose?  Keep in mind that 2 pennies @ 2.6 cents are intrinsically worth more than a dollar bill! The same is true of gold and silver as intrinsically they are worth $1250 and $20 an ounce.  They are, however, worth even more as the politically manipulated markets are but a huge ruse designed to keep you out of hard assets and into their paper markets!

Remember the seven deadly sins to avoid:

1.  Pride -An excessive belief in one’s own abilities.   The sin from which all others arise.
2.  Greed – The desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual.
3.  Sloth – The avoidance of physical work or spiritual.
4.  Envy – The desire for another’s situation, traits, status or abilities.
5.  Gluttony – The desire to consume more than that which one requires.
6.  Lust – The inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.
7.  Anger – The manifestation in an individual who chooses fury over love.

We all have benefited and grown up in a world where free market economies determined the markets investment prices.  We lived the results of free markets that created all wealth.  We saw firsthand how free market forces collapsed irresponsible governments and their currencies, but today the world is quite different!

Investors must start investing in a politically driven economy and even possibly seek government contracts to insure the success of their private businesses.  This can be a very difficult transition to make as we have all been taught that capitalism’s free markets create wealth.  If, however, you have seen or had your business destroyed over the past 5 to 20 years you have experienced how the political wrangling and manipulations of laws, new rules and regulations and the effects it has had on your world.  Your livelihood has been destroyed by the destructive effects of our government as they overtook our once free markets.  You can expect even more controls in your future as well as politicos get even more desperate to keep their carts, with your wealth, moving along their tracks into the government’s coffers.

The government’s share of the United States economy has soared in recent years, as has its degree of control over the markets in such things as interest rates. The government has promised to support all its prodigal children and even its illegitimate ones with medical care, the continuation of Social security and 80 different entitlements to keep the populace satisfied.  Now the only way to even partially keep those promises is for the government to steadily increase the share and take from the economy that it consumes and print counterfeit money for the rest.

Today we live in an economy that is dominated by public spending and the rules, regulations and laws have been rewritten increasing the control over the markets to force some semblance of stability. The rules have been rewritten to take from the private sector in order to pay for the rising costs of promises that are demanded by the populace.

We know that the collapse is imminent but we also see, for the moment, that our government-dominated financial system, which suppresses market forces, appears remarkably stable.  Everyone today is poorer as price suppression lingers in the markets and wealth creation has seemingly disappeared for the masses with the exception of connected insiders or favored groups. Everyone’s income and wealth has shrunken en-mass.  The world can see that politics has replaced economics as the primary driver of the redistribution of wealth.  We also see that it is a very dysfunctional system for economic growth but this is the new economy and has been true across countries and nations through the centuries.  A country’s economy is cyclical and vacillates between the domination by market forces of need and desires, and the current new economy controlled by the politically powerful manipulation of the government to pay for the needs and desires of the populace who keep them in power to continue to steal from the middle class.

In 2008 the world changed, the 20th century ended and economic growth from free markets ended.  The currency collapse hasn’t happened even with severe stress, while the new world of politics overrides market forces surrounds us and dominates both the economy and markets.  It can be difficult to recognize and understand, let alone make the necessary and profound investment changes for a future of politically-driven risk, when there is a false dichotomy of mainstream wisdom or naivety versus the sky is falling view of the gold bug.

So if the reality today is neither the old economy repeating itself nor an inevitable economic collapse, but instead a very different kind of economy that is under the increasing control of the government then the question I will impose is, will future actual investment results be what the populace of the 95% expect?  Defend your savings while you still are able to and protect your families wealth!

Roxanne Lewis is a precious metals broker from western Colorado dedicated to educating others to DEFEND their family’s assets.  She writes weekly articles @ under her weekly BLOG and ARCHIVED articles of the past.  VISIT WNG website that features visible, up to date pricing every second from COMEX.  Find out why customers say, “You have the lowest prices on the internet I wish I had found you years ago and I won’t EVER use anyone else!” Contact @