Inflation, caused by Q-E is not a fair game!  It does not destroy everyone’s wealth but robs and redistributes the remaining wealth of the middle class to the wealthiest.  The mega banks will continue to hand their toxic derivative debts from fraudulent activities to the people and the wealth of those in power will grow exponentially. Roxanne Lewis

The system could be fixed if the Federal Reserve was banished and a gold backed currency was introduced but no one can fix a system that is illogical in its own charter as the Federal Reserve Bank is.  The chess match played by the global elitist’s and the world’s governments will end.   What should have ended in 2008 did not and the world’s economy continues to stumble.  It won’t be black a collapse or white recovery but grey for a while longer.  Yellen didn’t have the guts to state as Volcker did that “Gold issize=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3size=3 my enemy!”  Gold is the arch enemy of the Federal Reserve and therefore should be your best friend!  Yellen is going to increase printing during Q-4 to a nice round $100 B or more a month just to keep their balloon afloat because more air is the only way to keep the players in their game of “Change” and chance.

Dr. Willie states, “The U.S. dollar and its trading vehicle, the Treasury bond, are dead and we have extraordinary tactics in place to keep the system going because they don’t want all the big U.S. banks to die.”

This graph is almost identical to a graph I published a month ago showing the U.S. GDP compared to the S & P 500.  Keep in mind that all the World’s economies are not producing anything except printed fiat! Quantitative paper dollar creation is included in the U.S. and the world’s gross domestic product.  It is eerily similar to our government, they produce nothing yet spend your money and counterfeit even more to pay for international wars or to pay to placate the unfed masses.

Do you believe the economy has recovered; the sky is blue and invested in the “bubble mania” stock market?  Or are you of 2% who have invested in hard assets because you believe the collapse is near, the sky is darkening and recognize that the economy is built on money printing?  Are you all into real assets of historically verifiable value like precious metals?  If you aren’t you should be!   Where is 90% of the populace investing their stores of wealth?  What defensive postures are they using to insure preservation of their assets?

The financial world has serious problems that will not be fixed because the people, who matter simply, don’t care and the people who don’t matter, care!  Our economy is a junk car they are keeping moving through frequent repairs, adjustments and replacement of parts, just one stop from the dump.  However, when you are broke like the 90%, with no way to replace your pile of scrap metal you have no options other than to just keep pouring money into it and pray that it holds out for a little while longer.  Why? Because you simply have no clue how you could ever afford to replace it or get a new one.  This new grey norm could continue for some time if all their tricks and schemes are used and even if they don’t they will get the new “bail ins” designed by the FDIC and the Congress on duty.


You see the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has total control over the world’s financial system and they intend to steal the entire net worth of every individual and use it to build a prisoner welfare state while engaging us to fight their endless wars for their benefit.

Today our governments; federal, state and local are increasingly larger and are so large they are monumentally dysfunctional.  Their size dictates more regulations, controls and fees which stymies the real economy.  The government must take more from private businesses and the masses to ensure their continuation.  Free enterprise, entrepreneurs and the private sector has died on the vine.  We have more government workers than private sector workers.  Today we have more recipients of entitlements than workers because of the theft of the middle class who have been pressed into welfare.   Be warned that the government’s welfare state will continue for only so long.  They will receive their wages before the poor will be fed.  Socialism always fails and when it starts to break down people will suffer and inevitably die across the world.

A great documentary to watch is “A Place at the Table” which explains how agri-business subsidies for huge corporate farms receive largesse payments to grow commodities that do not even directly feed the world and should not be supported while the small farmers who produce real food receive nothing.  Then the sick welfare system doesn’t support weaning anyone from the system but traps them with very low income limits on what they can earn before they lose those food benefits.

So what can you do to improve your future years?

1. Insure the defense of your investments and protect what you have accumulated.  Limit your speculative investments today to avoid any major losses.   Avoid investments of paper with no intrinsic value when the stock market and housing markets collapse again.
2. Maintain employment and your income to continue to pay for everything you will need to survive.  Inflation is going to insure that everything you and your family needs is going to be a lot more expensive, including all taxes.
3. Maintain and improve your health through diet, exercise and supplements.  Attempt to stay outside our sick medical system.   Educate yourself on proper nutrition and feed your family with food as close to the manner it was made.  95% of the processed, packaged corporate calories in the corporate grocery stores do not fulfill the daily dietary guidelines yet the F.D.A. insures it won’t kill you outright, just over time.

It is just a matter of time before the second collapse occurs and real estate values collapse, another 30% of the populace gets hurt and more equity is lost.  Still others will be forced from their large homes, forced to downscale as utilities and property taxes sky rocket.  Your number one goal today should be DEFENSE!  This would include protecting your assets from inflation and limiting your dollar assets.  Bond yields skyrocketed during the “Great Depression” just as they are doing today.  Yes, you CAN lose money in bonds.  The dollar has been destroyed 85% since 1972 and continues to be destroyed at hyper speed!  Precious metals have always been the basis for real money and always revert to gold and silver as a store of value over history.

Neither the U.S. nor the world is recovering from the “elites” theft crisis.  This period of time will become known as “The Greatest Depression of the World”, literally a new dark age!   As long as governments continue their wild spending the “defense of your wealth” must be your mantra.  We will see a collapse of the welfare state, social security and other entitlements.  That CAN BE the only reason Homeland security is purchasing guns, ammo and bullet proof cages to be placed along our highways.

So, what if our dollar doesn’t collapse next month or next year but instead our government continues to increase its size and control over the market economy with laws and regulations that kill unstable market forces and individual choices?  Both will suffer but the mainstream investor will suffer even more as the government economy grows even faster than the private sector whose growth will turn negative.  The government must continue to take from those that have in order to insure that their system survives and it is already happening.  Stop being greedy about your IRA’s, 401K’s and paper investments. Protect your family TODAY by investing in stores of real value, gold and silver.