“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”  Lenin 1917

Why would anyone stay in a system when you know that the government is broke, refuses to tell the truth, do the right thing or balance their budget?  Have investors finally awaken to the plot to debase fiat currencies throughout the world as investors have pulled $4 billion in investments from emerging markets just this past month.  Now the stock market has dropped 3.5% in one week and another 3.5% this week for 7% year to date.  Could the run be starting? Has the door closed and is the window closing?

This chart suggests that the Jubilee 49 year cycle which started in January 1970 will be completed in 2019.

This next chart depicts the “balance trend line” of which we are below the average trend of gold currently.  I expect gold and silver to maksize=3e their move upward in the next couple of months unless manipulation of real, actual, and factual values of gold are forced down through a variety of economic controls by bankers and government forces.

We are currently at 1290 trading days since the market bust of 2008 and approaching 1335 days February 22st, Washington’s birthday.  I am expecting an upward move around this date as business has been brisk.  People seem to be completing their exit plans from their products and the markets.  I have been wiring customer funds daily and am grateful that shipments are being often shipped the same day wires are received during the past 30 days.

If you are unable to sleep at night why wouldn’t you plan your escape and exercise your exit plan before it’s too late.  Protect your family and your wealth by investing in gold and silver.  It is simply the best insurance against the madness of our world today!

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