My monthly graph appears to show a continued move up unless those with the playbook make a move to beat the little bull in the head knocking him cold.   How long it will last is reliant on their manipulation and the fact that the paper and physical markets are tied to one another like the monarchy feeds off one another through marriage to cousins.  No matter how perverted, distorted and co dependent their relationship is they must continue to subsist on each other until their differences force a split like a fissure in frozen stone that when warmed separates forever.  The impending paper and physical market disconnect, being so impossibly polar opposing, will the cause fiat paper to die and the intrinsic value of the physical real asset to break free and rise like a Phoenix in the sky.

Seriously though, nothing is going according to their plans.  Interest rates continue to rise, unemployment is growing, retail sales are below expectations and housing starts are down.  Now it appears even the banksters are reacting by getting out of their housing holdings while they still can and foreclosing on those properties they have neglected to repossess during the past 4 years.  The housing market will then again start to plummet as a new wave of properties are unleashed into the housing market and the bubble breaks once again.  We will then see lower home values and more and more houses where the owners whom haven’t paid their mortgages for some 40 plus months are forced to the streets.

Those who currently own homes in the U.S. are reported to be at a new low not seen since 2005 of 60%.  That number will undoubtedly go even lower as banks press for foreclosures and even then with low house sale prices the over strapped millennial, with thousands of dollars of student loans and below average wage earnings, will be locked out of the housing markets perhaps for their entire lives.

Can you say no housing recovery ever?  In the future citizens will be forced to live in apartments in the cities while the suburbs will become sparsely owner occupied homes and many replaced with renters while still more homes will be left vacate as bank owned properties.   You see, the system was never allowed to reset properly!

Keep buying on the dips to improve your dollar cost positions and get rid of your paper stocks, IRA’s, 401k’s and bank deposits.  Silver and gold will insure your wealth is safe guarded when their madness unfolds!

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