Russia’s parliament is considering measures that would allow the property and assets of European and U.S. companies to be confiscated in the event of sanctions being adopted against Russia over its threatened military intervention in Ukraine?

“We have no doubts that it clearly corresponds to European standards.  The recent events in Cyprus spring to mind, where the confiscation of assets was the main demand made by the European Union in return for economic aid.” -Federal Counsel Head Andrei Klishas

It appears Russia is using the same lawyers that the U.S. and the E.U. uses although someone doesn’t think so!  How would this affect your equity or international stocks whose assets could be seized?

The next biggest threat ever against our economy is as Obama has threatened Russia with trade sanctions.  Russian Glazyev has stated, “The Americans are threatening Russia with sanctions and pulling the EU into a trade and economic war with Russia, most of the sanctions against Russia will bring harm to the United States itself, because as far as trade relations with the United States go, we don’t depend on them in any way. We are, after all, the United States creditor.”   “We hold a decent amount of treasury bonds – more than $200 billion – and if the United States dares to freeze accounts of Russian businesses and citizens, we can no longer view America as a reliable partner,” he said. “We will encourage everybody to dump US Treasury bonds, get rid of dollars as an unreliable currency and leave the US market.”

The Russians hold a significant amount of Treasury Bonds and if they sold them all at once they would trigger other sell offs that would lead to skyrocketing interest rates and a hyperinflation mess that will destroy the U.S.   Putin may wish to destroy the U.S. but he must find a buyer and most likely no one wants our bonds anyway.  $16 T. in bonds is held outside of our borders and killing the dollar would mean a realignment of finances everywhere.  Most likely they would gradually divest of the dollar and reduce future exposure to the dollar like China is doing.  Next Russia would require payment for their energy in rubles or gold and divert from the dollar.  Many pundits suspect Russia holds 15 Tons of gold, as Cyprus was their black market trade partner for gold purchases, so they could have a stable backed currency unlike the U.S.

Americans have not experienced good, strong political leadership or an independent media for a long time.  They are amazed at the straightforward questions and answers from Putin and from a neutral media who asks real questions, some of which show the influence Washington’s Neo-conservative propaganda machine has affected.  Americans would be star struck by how greatly the facts of the Ukraine situation diverge from the constant stream of lies that flow from Washington, its European puppets, and the privately owned media.  Neo-Cons simply don’t realize that half of Ukraine was formerly Russian territories for 200 years and don’t want to leave Russia.  The Neo-cons have set American foreign policy for the past 30 years and they want a way out of the mess they have created and a war would defer the fault from them and onto Putin’s Russia.

If you aren’t worried now you should be!  Just look at how the dollar fails to rise against the already failing Euro which just reinforces just how poor the U.S. dollar’s fundamentals are even without Russia’s actions.  The dollar, however, continues to rise against every other international currency compliments of the Federal Reserve Bank.   We no longer can give the Federal Chair people credit for exporting our inflation around the world because we are living the fact today that inflation has already returned home to roost no matter what statistics the authorities report to their media.  THE DOLLARS BUYING POWER WILL CONTINUE TO FALL 80% IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS COMPLIMENTS OF THE FEDS MEDDLING.  THE TRUE POWER WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE SUPER POWERS WHO ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS, PURCHASING GOLD!   Just as you are seeing your medical insurance costs triple under Obama Care so will also all your living expenses.  Gas will be $6.50 Ga., a family of four’s food bill will go from $400 mo. to $1100 and so will utilities and housing costs.  My graph below shows the huge trading range in the side way moving dollar.

Most American’s feel safe that their, “In God We Trust”, greenbacks are worth the paper they are printed on.  They believe it can’t and won’t happen here in the U.S. and cite the bank posted FDIC’s insurance of $250,000 per account insurance as their proof that all is well in ‘Pax Americana.’   They stick their heads in the sand and will not believe that there is a FDIC regulation approved and printed that will bail-in their local banks here and in England with shareholder funds.

A few years ago I was attempting to cash a $5,000 check at my local bank and was told to come back on Friday.  I later mentioned it to a good older friend who laughingly stated, “They don’t have a nickel for every dollar you have on deposit.”   The truth is that the FDIC states that they currently hold in the DIF $47 Billion in funds to cover $11 Trillion in depositor funds here in the U.S. which is equivalent to 4 cents for every $1 you have on deposit.  Now if the dollar can’t rise above the Euro and the Euro is dead, what does that say for the dollar?

The Chinese know their Yuan is in danger as well but they have a contingency plan and that is gold and lots of it.  The Chinese most likely own 20,000 tons of gold which should tell all of us to prepare for the inevitable by stockpiling it ourselves.  China has the financial ability and might to destroy the world.  They now are watching the fireworks between the U.S. and Russia and are well prepared to make their move and on their terms.  They know that they can then arise from the ashes of our government’s actions and Russia’s handiwork as the 21st century’s undisputed superpower with the biggest ‘pot of gold’.  Americans ignore the fact that they are exposing themselves and their families to the inevitable hyperinflation that will accompany the dollar’s demise as the “world’s reserve currency.”  China however is not out of the woods either as their own economy is shaky but they do know that this ship is going down while 99% of Americans do not.  Now, who do you think is going to be hurt the most?

The Federal Reserve hedge fund holds $4.4 trillion of worthless overvalued U.S. Treasury Bonds and cannot raise interest rates which would kill themselves but they have to support the dollar and if the economy drifts down they will continue to print.  They have increased the monetary base $4 T. dollars since 2008 to continue to paper over crisis after crisis.  The only game they have is to print to prop up their game of monopoly, a maniacal game of musical chairs.   These futile manipulations will be another historical failure of gigantic proportions and will result in tremendous suffering of the masses here and around the world.

NO CURRENCY has ever survived such financial suicide and none will fall further this time than the dollar.  Precious Metals will surge because the U.S. has surpassed our borrowing capacity on an overinflated dollar.   The citizenry has little or no savings and most are competing for a handful of remaining jobs with the young.   Today, 40% of the jobs that existed just ten years ago have been eliminated or outsourced from the U.S.  We no longer produce anything and our boomers are retiring at a rapid rate with soaring and growing living costs and the lowest birth rate in our nation’s history.    Their simply are no jobs and even if we were to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants the current poverty pay scale insures that they would pay tax little tax to support  the bankrupt social security system for boomers.   Our perfect America has come to an end and it is our turn to fall from being a super power and our nation will fall into decline as great nations always do.

Americans no longer can be confident that anything they believed will hold true.  Bank deposits can be confiscated for the survival of a select few banks, pensions can be eliminated in corporate or government bankruptcies, retirement plans will be diverted to purchase government treasuries as GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS WILL BE ELIMINATED!  If you think you are safe YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF!  No one is safe and you should be considering these facts as you plan your financial future.  The dollar’s purchasing power will continue to drop over the long term while precious metals must decidedly go up!

The U.S. has ruined China & Russia financially before.   Reagan crushed the U.S.S.R. by crashing the price of oil which led to the dismantling of the former Soviet Union in 1980’s.  Then in 1990 we did the same thing to China when the silver market was cornered and China’s silver monetary system was destroyed.  I would bet Russia and China have memories like an elephant and they have been planning their revenge for years.  It is obvious that Putin’s skill and his planned 15 year chess match skills are no match for this administration.

We appear to be proficient at destroying ourselves from within without anyone’s assistance.  They are laughing at us and thoroughly enjoying the show.  Our government seems intent to destroy the U.S. and the common man not only abroad but here as well at every turn.  We spend $5 B. to destabilize Ukraine then turn around and give them $15 B. in loans that they will never pay back.  Then our government decides to spend a $300 M. to study Mr. Putin’s body language.  The real nail in the coffin however will be at full implementation of “Obummer Care”!  The estimates state that the complete rollout costs, at full implementation will cost American’s $1.8 Trillion dollars or $5,700 dollars per man, woman and child in the U.S.  I suspect we would ALL volunteer to take the cash of $23,000 for a family of four and just pay our medical bills out of pocket without insurance coverage.

They could have given us all a choice but they don’t and that is the real point!  We don’t have a say in anything, not even as to who we vote for.  It is all decided for us, they pick their puppets that they control and give us a choice of their picks and the populace gets to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Our government has borrowed and leveraged ourselves into oblivion with bonds and the newest Ponzi scheme is $300 Trillion in derivatives.  Each recession’s problems, the most recent being the housing bubble, were masked over and never allowed to fail naturally to be cleansed from within.  The pain must be delivered at some point and we will feel the brunt of it.

My question is how do you get from where we are today to surviving through the next decade or more with your wealth intact?  This is exactly what gold and silver has done for its owners at ALL major historical crisis points.  I would suggest that you find a confidential broker who can assist you in taking possession of metals from a reputable source at the lowest possible price and with a no fees resale policy.  If you are concerned with confiscation consider the paperwork you are required to fill out from large dealers whom will be at the top of the list for review, complete with your personal information.

The Federal Reserve continues to suppress the price of gold.  They will never audit Fort Knox and struggled to give Venezuela back their gold and now Germany’s.  My question is why would Ukraine ship their gold to the U.S. for safe keeping?  Certainly not for safekeeping!  Or is it because our government did bankroll the Ukraine uprising and will continue doing so with worthless dollars?  There will be a run from the dollar and the dollar will fail, but will you be prepared or will you still be safe in PAPER dollars, stocks, ETF’s, 401k’s and IRA’s, and the promise of pensions? The choice is in your hands for your family’s survival!