“YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN!” nor  can those behind the curtain keep a  “good thing” down as evidenced by the most recent move up for silver, 11% Y.T.D. and gold, 15% Y.T.D.  Eight year results, since March 2008, show silver up 24% and gold 51%.   Below my graph shows the shiny metal climbing to $1643 by September as the dollar dies.  The weeks recent dip signals your “LAST CALL” for imbibing on this “barbaric relic” of past centuries.

Americans must awaken to the fact that our nation is chronically sick and on life support by the Federal Reserve practitioner whose Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm” is virtually killing their patient.  The U.S. is dispensable, a non entity, and is going to self destruct at some point in the near future.

Let me clarify for readers what we, in precious metals community, define as the failure of the dollar.  When we refer to the dollar failing, we are referring to the dollars purchasing power.  The dollar will still possibly be useful as a purchasing mechanism for awhile however the failure comes from the fact that it will buy much less in the near future when the dollar collapses.  If you have traveled abroad you will have already noticed that many countries no longer accept the dollar but expect visitors to convert to their local currency.  This will also happen in the U.S. after a period of time as the populace realizes that fiat dollars are worthless.  What do I expect the purchasing power of the dollar to drop to?  My best guess is 80% less but it could be more also.

When the U.S.S.R. failed in 1992 the ruble didn’t fail to buy food, products or services it just bought and paid for a pittance of what it had previously bought.  Those with government pensions still got their 500 monthly rubles, they just bought less, a devastating 95% less.  Now do you understand what this means to your purchasing power and how your quality of life will suffer.   You will still get your social security check, pension, food stamps, welfare check and free medical care, you just won’t be able to survive on it and it will be far below the subsistence level.

I remember in 1975 the buzz was that gold prices had been smashed by whom other than the U.S. Treasury and the International Monetary Fund who drove gold down 50% from $190 to $100.  The beat down was temporary, about 4 years, before the price was unleashed and gold soared to $850 in 1980 and along with it went silver from $5 to $48.  In today’s world that would send gold to $11,500 and silver to $200.  Can it happen? Sure it can because markets once again are being manipulated.  History has shown us that they will utilize their notoriously crooked “machinations” to rig the markets while utilizing their “circle speak” when explaining their rationalization of the political actions they take to confuse and debunk the facts.  Their efforts will fail, it is just a matter of time!

The quadrillion dollar debt bubble question is, when will the dollar fail?  No one can possibly state the exact time and date but be assured that, “The dollar may not fail anytime soon but… it will fail at anytime!” Roxanne Lewis


We are seeing unprecedented and incompetent militarism utilizing more money than ever before.  As always the governments answer to solving their maniacal messes are to throw more counterfeit money at the situation, similar to throwing gasoline onto an already torrid flame.  Our government lacks solid foreign policy and fails to accurately articulate a logical pathway that Americans support, as seen in the Syria blunder and resulting debacle as they repeat their ineptitude at every turn.  Now, our officials are trash talking against a growing super power as Russia gains the support of regional allies in the west.  This administration is taking the U.S. to a dangerous place at warp speed.

The U.S. is not respected, nor any longer trusted, as corruption is rampant and is no longer viewed as “the land of the free”.  The mistakes are obvious and evident to multi-nationals as well as apparent to more and more Americans. The amount of money that is being stolen by the U.S. Government and its numerous appropriation methods are now in the trillions of dollars a year as our actual debt on future entitlements approaches one quadrillion.  OUR RUNAWAY DEBT HERE IN THE U.S. IS UN RE-PAYABLE!  All we are waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the U.S. will not pay the interest on our debt.  What are you doing to insure your families security?