“In this present crisis, government is not the SOUTION to our PROBLEMS, government is the PROBLEM.” -Ronald Reagan

“Those in power create PROBLEMS to stimulate public REACTION and outrage, then channel it to a SOLUTION that suits their purposes with new laws and new aggressions of war that we in turn pay for with our children’s lives, limbs and our lives work.”-Roxanne Lewis

The Federal Reserve has done everything, in its power, to keep interest rates down longer than ever before to help the economy, but it has not helped. In fact one could argue that the Fed’s tricks have in fact slowed the recovery.

In 1980 our nation’s debt was 1.3 times our G.D.P. so what did Reagan? He reinstated Paul Volcker, the old Federal Reserve chairman under Carter, who then curtailed the money supply and inflation fell 10%.  Next “natural growth” exploded as well as did the stock market.  The “stagflation dragon” had been slain and his market principles helped to restore confidence and gold rose 850%.   Gold will again rise and will it rise 850% to $11,000?

Thirty years later our debt is 3.3 times our G.D.P. but unlike 1980 the money supply is increased and the Q-E faucet dollars are ADDED into our national G.D.P. figure!  The FED’s $11.2 T counterfeit printed, digitized dollars are the largesse of our Gross National Product that no labor was invested to produce, at least not yet!  We have an economy that produces nothing and a financial system that is fueling our G.D.P. and few Americans have figured out that only a small elite group is making any real money before inflation ultimately slays the populace!

Today we see that lower interest rates and debt have failed to create any growth or add jobs for the masses.  The employment reports are the most deceptively fraudulent reports produced by our government.  Chair puppet Yellen and Bernanke before stated that their methods will create jobs but they have not in 6 years!  Yellen and the politicos are dealing out “circle-speak” at running the game for those who own the “Federal Reserve Bank of Prosti-populate”.  Their plan is to ride this horse till he keels over dead.

Casino capitalism has NOT invested in jobs or any productive endeavors.  The money has been doled out to “zombie” banks that do nothing but charge fees to the populace.  ALL markets today are manipulated in their effort to keep the game of a “dead dollar” fiat currency regime going as long as possible so they can steal it ALL.

After the economic crisis of 1907 and World War I, there was no attempt to intervene or bailout banks and the economy recovered.  During the 1990 Savings and Loan crisis the banks simply failed and their bad real estate investments were written down and resold at a loss.  Sure property prices fell just like they did after 2007 but then real people saw the opportunity and swept up real estate at bargain prices and the economy recovered.

Today our president and politicians create inane, insane laws and plans purportedly to save us with modern day machinations of bailouts, Q-Easing, continuous low interest rates and soon to be bail-ins!  The elitist’s politicians own the banks and corporations that rule the world today! They did not liquidate the big “B & C’s” (banks & corporations) when they made bad bets, because they weren’t bad bets for the elite!  Their bad bets were actually their plan all along.  They have planned the end game crisis (PROBLEM) and will tell the politicians what they must do and there will be “bail ins”.  “The sky will fall!” they’ll shout (REACTION) and their media press-stitutes will peddle their touted best medicine (SOLUTION) for the elites and the “chattel” as well.  However, the medicine will be but poison to the people and delivered to inflict more pain for the masses.   The only sky that must be permitted to fall next should be the derivative bubble.  The question remaining is, will the populace allow another “designer SOLUTION” from the ruling class served up to the prostituted populace insuring their existence in eternal poverty?

Emiliano Zapata whom led a peasant Mexican revolution in 1910 against repression by the autocracy said, “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

Americans need to blame our governance for the bailouts and not stand for more, blame Congress and end the FED once and for all and toss out the lifers who have 10 to 20 terms of office each!  They are the reason this whole recession is going to morph into a “Great Depression” and get a whole lot worse in the next year and for decades ahead.  Wake up, the Fed did not save us, but is extinguishing the life blood of the U.S.!  The Fed is the reason Americans have been “sold into servitude” for the past 100 years and it happens the moment a parent signs the paperwork for our children’s social security numbers before we bring them home from the hospitals!  The Federal Reserve Bank issues Treasury bonds based on you and your children’s lives labor!

Indeed the crash of 2007 would have been worse had the Fed not stepped in.  Today the depths of that recession would have been over and forgotten with lessons learned.  Just like when your mother told you to step up, take your punishment or it will be a whole lot worse when your father gets home!  We would have regained our growth and we would be healthier had the system been allowed to crash!

Their basic economic doctrine of the past 100 years has been inefficient and ineffective!  Higher interest rates would have increased the wealth of savers.  Instead retirees have suffered the results with interest of .025% and $25 on $10,000 on savings they had planned to use to live on. Before the crash entrepreneurs were offered “lying Libor” interest rates of 8% to build businesses instead of the real rate of 4% they should have been given because of 25 years of rigging.  Homeowners were sold both over priced homes and adjustable rate mortgages only to lose them after their crisis.  Another rigged “setup” for them to prosper by taking advantage of their near zero rates” to buy up entire neighborhoods, office complexes and businesses with counterfeit money they created for themselves.  Wake up, there is no housing recovery!  They now own the “monopoly board” for you to rent at their prices.

The real sad truth is our children, without working parents to assist funding college, are forced to mortgage their future in student debt of 6% or join the military.  Next they are whisked away to yet another war in the lies of “insuring freedom against terrorism.” Countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon Iran are attacked when they cease to use the U.S’s dollar as their “reserve currency” with the world.  The World Trade towers tumble and we are told Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.  No weapons are found but will still destroy, maim, kill and steal Hussein’s gold stores. Oops! Next Libya is attacked, Gaddafi killed and their 144 Tones of gold vanish.  Do you need to wonder why? Iran is at the “top of the next hit list” as Ahmadinejad announced in 2007 that Iran would no longer be using the dollar as currency for global trade.  The media press-stitutes will continue to report pabulum and their script, “They have nuclear war missiles.”  This time though it won’t be just a small localized skirmish but most likely it will be “the unveiling” or the Greek word apokalypsis! The final curtain, most certainly, will designed by a few!

“Younger nations always win wars for a time, then they becomes older nations. Dear People, this is not wisdom but cynicism!” -from Ernest Hemingway’s novel “A Farewell to Arms”

The FED continues to encourage increasing leverage which will result in more asset bubbles.  Those whom had businesses, jobs and homes have lost them and continue to limp by.  The people are the collateral damage of the FED’s policies.  The theory was that lower interest rates would spur capital spending, WRONG.  Quantitative easing would boost capital spending, WRONG.  Those in charge know the end game and therefore neglect to invest in capital spending with their mountains of money. They are using monopoly money in a stock market that will continue to move higher before it destructs!  It won’t matter to them because they are using counterfeit money to gamble with, exactly like the “monopoly money” while you RISK to invest with your hard earned dollars.  You won’t know the exact tipping point but it will be too late to move into safety.

The system is RIGGED, interest rates, LIBOR rates, treasury and municipal bond auctions, the London fix, the stock market and precious metals for ONE necessary reason, to prolong their “games” of theft. You see these are their “Hunger Games” of more for them and hunger for you. The heart of their game is their dollar reserve currency and their banking system. Their game uses the population as chattel to work for counterfeit paper.  When their game of musical chairs ends you and your family will own but paper.

Indeed it is an obscene system meant to steal your wealth, health and your children’s minds and lives.  If you don’t want to end up a victim, GET OUT while you still can.  Their media prostitutes can only rig your thoughts if you allow them to.  REACTE now before the music stops or all you’ve worked and saved for your entire life will be parted from you.  “This is a global takeover of everything you own!” says Gerald Celente.  The choice is yours to act or follow and become a victim!  Gold and silver is your insurance and time is running out! is a REPUTABLE brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% and less commission on purchase.  Roxanne Lewis is a precious metals broker with a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years experience in management, investments, personal property developments and business development.  I am dedicated to educating others to DEFEND their life’s assets.  I write articles @ under my BLOG and ARCHIVED articles of the past.  VISIT the site that features VISIBLE, up to date pricing using COMEX spot pricing.  I may be reached @  See all old archived articles under Roxanne Lewis and TOP ANALYSTS tab!