“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer, don’t think” – Adolph Hitler

Just a few months ago Poland announced that they would nationalize (confiscate) one-half of all its citizens’ private pensions to cut the nation’s debt.  Prime Minister, Donald Tusk announced that the government decided to transfer government pensions and bond investments into privately owned funds, a “guaranteed system”, within the state to reduce Poland’s national debt.  This allows a government to book their bonds as assets on the national balance sheet so they can continue to borrow and spend more because bonds are a sovereign guarantee against default.

New “creative solutions” for snatching citizen’s dollars are drawing closer here in the U.S. as well.  People fail to “lift up their eyes” to see the global destruction of the world and the takeover of all they own!  They are immobilized in denial or fear!   Our controllers manipulate us through their media.  Most are unable to comprehend their current position and what that they need to do and most are frozen, unable to mobilize and fail to do anything to protect them. The masses who fail to connect the dots and take steps to minimize their losses will unwittingly receive, “the education of their lifetime.”

Have you ever seen such massive amounts of governance corruption in your lifetime?   Does a day not go by that some new evil is unleashed on its citizens?   Do they see why the Vatican just fired their financial head?  Do they understand the implication that Cyprus governance legally “stole” the people’s money deposited at their banks?  Now, for the good of the E.U., the European Union has announced that their governance is considering taking all savings of those living in the European countries to amend for their countries debts and their citizen’s poor spending decisions.

Americans have put $20 trillion into retirement savings that are ripe for picking and last January 2013 the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggested it should help Americans manage those trillions since investors lost principal during the last market crisis.  Most investors paper assets have grown 28% since 2009 but if the stock market tanks again investors WILL take another huge hit!  Crisis, Reaction and their Solution!

John Maynard Keynes, one of the MOST famous economists in history, wrote the playbook governments and central banks around the world today use today.  He emphatically stated that, “YES, a country can spend its way into recovery!”  Keynes was an advocate for “state run capitalism that must be run by the right people” just as we have today.  He was compelled to promote the idea that all people’s affairs should be arranged for them as he believed that the people weren’t competent enough to plan their own finances.  He felt it was the government’s responsibility and “their duty of ordering the current volume of investment which simply cannot safely be left in private hands”.

Roughly 70% of Americans have little saved for retirement and our government is proposing a dramatic solution.  They expect you will trust your retirement money to them by investing in their new scam, the myRA!  The proposed new head of the myRA will be none other than John Corzine, the previous head of M.F. Global who succeeded in pulling off the biggest heist of citizens in modern times.  Your government is in the throes of instituting YOUR new retirement plan and it will be administered by “The Silver Fox.”  He will be running the hen house and determining what retirement stipend you will receive.   These new savings bonds are described as “risk free bonds with a decent return” and any household that makes less than $191,000 can contribute to myRA.  Contributions would be with AFTER TAX money and tax-free in retirement.  Sounds similar to a Roth IRA except the uneducated poor and trusting middle class don’t get to choose where their money is invested.  ALL funds will be automatically invested in government bonds modeled after the Thrift Savings Plan Government Securities Fund where currently cumulative returns are returning 1.47%.  This plan is SO BAD that if it were offered through a private company it would be illegal!  In fact this myRA violates several fiduciary standards required by the government’s own legislation such as disallowing administrators to make loans to themselves or businesses they are associated with and they don’t have to identify their conflicts of interests.  Lucy again sets the rules of the game for poor Charlie Brown and Linus and then changes them whenever she takes the ball over!

Why are they plotting their next scam? Because the world has caught onto their ruse of being paid in devalued dollars and are fed up!  In the past several years the entire U.S. deficit has been paid with money printing and our government must quit printing soon and desperate to implement a new plan to pay their bills of freebies to the world.  They are hoping that this new plan will provide enough funds without raising taxes or spending cuts which would harm their re-election campaigns.

Today, few people investigate their countries failing financial structures and the reasons for our dismal economy.  Many still hold firm to old, indefensible beliefs and mock those who attempt to pinpoint the reasons for our current situation.  The mocked thinkers put forth rational, deductive thinking in an attempt to stay above the break down and imminent financial demise they see coming.  Why do so many choose to remain in the dark even when it is obvious we are traversing a slippery slope?   This behavior is exactly what you see in an emergency situation.  MOST rush to watch, MOST turn their heads and few REACT to ease the situation by performing necessary emergency procedures, under dire circumstances, to repair the situation.  Although disturbing this is human psychology.  There are simply too few forward thinkers and yet far fewer leaders!

Most people choose to believe that our elected leaders and the laws they create to protect them are sacred.  They believe that the government is in place to do all for them.  Governments enact laws to serve & protect them, the bankers invest for them and the military defends them.  They fail to see that “governments only serve the multinationals and corporate giants.”  The people get but a few scraps of food stamps, new rationed healthcare and a monthly meager stipend if unemployed while the middle class feels cheated and overworked.   Most have faith in an over-arching belief system that needs to be challenged, not accepted.

People are so frightened by new threats that they choose to ignore them in order to avoid a deeply rooted sense of insecurity. They minimize the perceived threats and stick with their dream world.  They bury their head in the sand while exposing themselves to what will eventually come.  Still others are successful in their work and invested in the current system so that they do not wish to alter the system in which they are succeeding.

Worldwide we are already seeing government’s making desperate moves to begin freezing assets, impose capital controls, and seize private pensions and tax bank transfers!  They are using anything they can dream up to justify their actions in a desperate attempt to retain their power and stay afloat.  Neighbors are being visited, accused of being tax evaders or money launderers and their assets confiscated.  They then must spend thousand in lawyer fees to prove their innocence in order to keep their own money.  Governments are exercising unprecedented authority over our bank accounts, even going so far as to openly suggest “one-time levies” on people’s life savings.  The U.S. and the G7 nations may follow Argentina’s and most recently Cyprus’s path of arbitrary seizure of private property in a move to raise cash?

Will you stay compliant as the captain of the ship continues to admonish you to stay put while their ship starts to rollover?  Or will you scramble for the exit and grab a life vest and make it to safety, realizing that the government will not save you?  You still have time to jump ship before the water rushes over you?  Why not buy GOLD and SILVER before the ship capsizes and takes your family’s wealth down with it? is a REPUTABLE brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% and less commission on purchases.  Roxanne Lewis is a precious metals broker with a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years experience in management, investments, personal property developments and business development.  I am compelled to educate others to DEFEND their life’s assets.  See my ARCHIVED articles of the past!  I may be reached @