I cannot agree with those who state that the metals bear market has ended and a new bull market has begun!   As a metals dealer, I simply do not care if the price goes up or down,  neither benefits me more or less as some might write and that we benefit as the price goes up, I do not deliver overpriced fish oil but hard currency!   Actually the paper pushers are the ones, “whom doth protest too much!”  which are selling the overpriced and one day worthless fish oil.

Just for some perspective look at my chart to see if a REAL rebound has occurred, this rebound is hardly proof that a new bull is occurring, only a knee jerk reaction to current events.

What is apparent is that deflation is occurring in commodities!  Those in charge continue to sell the actual fish oil that gold and silver is but a commodity, a barbaric relic, to the ignorant populace.  The sheeple fail to grasp the one true fact that precious metals have always, since before Christ, been the only real, true money.  This is, the opportune moment to hoard your dollars and purchase real money, gold and silver on the dips before your dollars become valueless.  Fiat always dissipates to zero, always occurs overnight and this one lesson is the biggest true education the 99% will acquire during their misled life’s work.

These facts have been TRUTH throughout history.  FIAT paper money always reverts to zero through debasement!   The past 600 -700 years have shown that 8 different FIAT currencies have stolen the wealth from 99% of the populace whom owned no gold or silver as their paper became valueless.  What makes anyone believe that the history of the United States will be written any differently!   Is the U.S. still exceptional?   Is the U.S. still the world’s top power?  Does the U.S. still produce what the world desires?  Does the U.S. populace still control their government?

The real truth is, those in charge of the world’s banks will not allow deflation to continue.  They will manipulate, control and rig the system to inflate their way out of debt and your dollar’s value just as history always has done.  Their theft of your life’s earnings will continue through inflation and taxes until your dollars are worthless and your homes and land are taxed so high that you can no longer afford the taxes to pay with worthless dollars and no gold.

This chart shows a COMPLETE REACTION against a down move!  A complete reaction cannot be verified!  A new bull market has yet to be proven!