“Government is best, that governs least.” Thomas Jefferson

My father, a WWII veteran, has been gone 20 years yet his words ring truer as years pass.   He said,   “I learned surviving the depression that government should stay out of people’s business and only do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves!”  I had made the mistake of telling him what I had been taught when I told him that, “The depression was caused by the breakdown of unstable capitalism.”

Generations of Americans, as school children and those now in leadership, were taught that the Great Depression was caused by the problems of capitalism and the solution for future economic downturns is government intervention to sasize=3size=3ve capitalism from itself.  Tax increases, more debt, inflation, wage and price supports, gigantic government spending programs and pervasive regulation of businesses were the only correct was to “tame capitalism”!

Guess what?  We all were taught a huge and giant lie, a myth!  That same poor, public indoctrination center, The Department of the Uneducated, is complicit as our leaders make the same mistakes made in 1930.  Economic crisis are ALWAYS caused by misguided government banking and debt policies.  Another crisis is most assuredly on our way!

Before the days of big government, political leaders understood the first lesson of economics, OPPORTUNITY COST.   The opportunity cost of government spending is the value placed on whatever the same funds would have been had they been placed in savings or remained in private hands.  Remember that government cannot spend or grow programs unless it taxes, borrows, or prints money!  In every case, money and resources are diverted from the private sector, the capitalistic economy, to the government.

During any economic downturn what is actually needed is more capitalism, the sole engine of wealth creation and job creation.  Today we have one gigantic, bloated government filled with cronyism and nepotism.  Until we can cut off the wasteful growth in our government to free up resources for the private sector, we will continue on the road to destruction.

As the gap between the 1% and those in America and the world our world society will become more and more unstable.   The greed of the few and the governance’s narrow definition of capitalism will erode and threaten the foundations of all world societies.  The national news channel Russia Today shows protests and street clashes between those protesting austerity measures and the police force.  Yet, citizens in the U.S. hear nothing on our nightly news about such riots that are as close as Montreal.  We can expect riots and revolutions in our future, followed by wars and finally higher taxes to pay for it all.   The U.S. has been at war for 222 years over the past 239 years that U.S. has existed, only 17 years of peace.

Capitalism and free markets drive growth yet we no longer have a system that supports private business development and job creation.  It is time to reverse the liberal lefts “narrow definition of capitalism” and their plans for socialization OR our once great society will continue to falter and finally fail.

Corporate revenues now are at their highest point in 40 years as all competition from the private sector has been destroyed.  There are more business failures than business starts.   As corporate profit margins are continually required to increase and grow, so has income inequality for all mankind.   This inequality is the most common cause of poor health, obesity, lowered life expectancy, illiteracy and a lack of math/science proficiency, a rise in infant mortality, teenage births, and lack of social mobility, increased homicides, imprisonment and finally trust among us.

One needs to understand why the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world.  The GEO Group owns Corrections Corporation of America lobbies our federal government to keep their private prisons filled.   Profits are used to expand prisons and pressure lawmakers to incarcerate more and more people yearly to keep corporate profits growing.  Since the passing of the Anti Drug Abuse Act in 1986 prison populations have skyrocketed by 665% and the new Prison Industrial Complex was created in just 25 years.

The recent passing of the Net Neutrality bill will insure that more businesses fail who rely on the internet as they are forced out of business, unable to compete and insures that corporate competition is eliminated.  Corporate profits are once again maximized under government controls implemented through their lobbyists and their perfectly planned names designed to fool an illiterate populace of the true evil plans they’ve made.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and Common Core, are two of the most recent laws enacted upon an illiterate populace that sound good for all, however upon implementation, we discover that the real effects erode what we once enjoyed and the middle class is increasingly financially damaged along with our long term health and insures that our children are dumbed down and increasingly dependent on government.

Today we see the effects of government’s low-interest-rate environment which has stolen from the elderly and the saver and misdirected all the creativity and ingenuity that used to go into technology development.  No longer are products created through innovations of useful and desirable concerns but rather money is now directed towards financial speculation and sometimes even to purposes that are a continuous losing proposition like fracking.   Whereas new products use to enrich society, today the profits from financial speculation only enrich the 1%, the speculators, who use interest free digital dollars to grow their piles of wealth.

Iceland was correct to allow their biggest banks to fail while the American was again tricked.  The FED’s lowering of interest rates only further increases pressure on wages and encourages more speculation in the markets, not the creation of real businesses with jobs for Main Street.


Even the Colorado Lottery Scratch Game campaign, “The Walking Dead” understands the inevitable by encouraging ticket sales stating, “Win $$ while money still matters!”   Today the average man should buy gold and silver, while money still matters!