100 oz. Royal Canadian Silver Bar


The refining of a 100 oz Silver bar at the Royal Canadian Mint utilizes the best, most-exacting equipment and processes.  From raw material to a 100 oz Silver bar takes a few steps at the state-of-the-art Royal Canadian Mint refinery. Before Silver bars are formed, a sample of the metal is melted and analyzed to determine its purity. The Royal Canadian Mint Silver refinery cools the melted Silver and puts it in a special nitrate-based solution that produces Gold and Copper residual byproducts. The Silver bullion bars are formed from the resulting Silver flakes using high speed Silver electrolysis, creating products that are .9999 fine Silver.

The value of a 100 oz Silver bar is tied to the many ways Silver is used in modern economies.  When buying a 100 oz Silver bar, consider all the uses of Silver, from industry to jewelry and decoration. Silver in Silver bars is used for everything from the latest electronics to traditional silverware, creating a higher demand, which often translates into higher Silver prices and an increase in value of your Silver investments. Today’s Silver bullion is also valued, in part, because civilizations for thousands of years have valued Silver for its many uses.  Royal Canadian Mint Silver is respected around the world for its quality, which makes it easier to sell your investment when the market is right.