My articles are admittedly not read by millions of readers monthly but I do record some 20,000 page reads according to my analytics.  Daily I am contacted to discuss purchasing precious metals.  Next, the discussion always diverges to articles and the non-stop fiascos that our country steps into.

My customers are over 50, predominately male, conservative, Republican or Libertarian and are shocked and angered by the daily news that continues to shake their core values and beliefs.   They report that their significant other defers to discuss anything concerning the plethora of problems they see.  It seems that their normalcy bias cannot consider accepting the truths we are faced with or they don’t believe that anything out of the norm could happen in their life. Many wish their children would awaken to the obvious and take some preventative measures to protect their families.  Most acknowledge that it is up to them to make changes, in an effort to protect their families.  All know a reset is happening and are taking measures to prepare.  Only one customer has contacted me to tell me to, “Quityerbellyachin” because you live in the greatest nation in the world.”  I asked him where he reigned from, to which he stated, “South Africa”.  My response rolled off my lips, “It is not my intent to complain about the strange days we Americans find ourselves in but to inform readers to protect themselves.  Most importantly, we don’t want to end up like you!”  We are simply the older minority who desires to be happy and survive in these strange new days!

It was Jim Morrison of the Doors in a drugged or drunken state of mind wrote the words, “Strange days have found us, strange days have tracked us down and these strange days will destroy us!”  American’s feel that they have awoken to a strange world, one that they no longer recognize.  We are continually shocked that our leaders are neglectful of their constituency.  We expect a lot more and are receiving very little for the job we have elected them for.  Week after week new crises numb us from the real problems so that we lose sight of the crux issues needing fixing.  We are losing our faith, pride, honor, integrity, character and services to others.  We are not asking what our country can do for us.  We ask that our countries leaders do the right thing for the people of this great nation and world.

Take care of the little problems and the big problems take care of themselves, we were told by our parents.   The opposite works as well but takes much more effort and give and take.   If today they could fix the HARD issues the little problems would go away; close the borders, eliminate tax incentives to off shore jobs, quit distributing trillions of dollars to countries that hate us and start to balance our budget and pay off our debts.  Our problems have grown exponentially through the compounding effects of failing to address the real issues decades ago.  They are now impossible to solve and most likely only a collapse will force the solution!   We must put on our oxygen mask before we assist those next to us!

NO decisions and poor ones today are the norm, not the exception which we could have easily accepted from those in charge.  We see that FEW, if any, know history and far fewer have even read history to prevent them from repeating mistakes of the past.   We are suffering from a technologically driven information age.  The real important stuff we need to know to survive and flourish are lost to the bombardment of minutia and useless facts we are barraged with daily, hourly, by the minute and second.   Absorbing information is not knowledge and does not insure that one possesses common sense.

This month my customers are bugged that the IRS has been targeting them.  Aghast that Veteran’s hospitals across the nation have intentionally failed to care for their comrades that served the globalists in their wars and illegal wars.  Sunday we were awakened to the news of an illegal exchange of top terrorist leaders for the return of a soldier who is purportedly a deserter.  Why, to atone for the V.A. scandal?   Then while attempting to comprehend the effects this new dangerous miscue will have for the safety of Americans and internationals, we hear of yet another crisis.  Illegal children from Mexico have crossed the border with promises of deferred action of deportation that the Executive branch of our government has encouraged.  The law is being subverted, parents WILL follow with no legal chance of being deported and the numbers are expected to reach 150,000 by year end.  We can expect that FEMA will fail to administer blood tests and vaccinations to protect Americans from the disease that will follow.   Our border police are now babysitting instead of insuring that terrorists are prevented from crossing our borders, another serious problem.   The real cost of this failure to act to secure our borders will end any chance of ever balancing the national budget.  The cost of water, food, shelter, healthcare, education in August and now some 100 lawyers to provide them free legal representation.  Now, we hear of yet another crisis, as Al-Qaeda has taken back parts of Iraq and are closing in on Baghdad.  America paid dearly for 8 years, bodily and monetarily and now we see a dangerous Khilafat developing in Iraq and Syria which will threaten mankind further.   This one developing armed insurgency is arguably the biggest military action in 10 centuries.

Americans may continue to act out sporadically as they feel pushed to the brink and lose their patience.   Abandoned by an out of touch and incompetent government who has acted for their own self gain while ignoring our anxiety about unemployment, stagnant wages and unlawful foreign visitors.

Big government ALWAYS hurts the individual!   The system has turned on the very people whom have invested their faith and confidence in them.  We can see the obvious effects of decades of morbidly destructive policy.   We can see how the way of life we grew up with has become a distant memory.  We can see the world’s debt, the money printing, the growing police state, the collapse of justice and rule of law and the growing escape into mindless entertainment and unfulfilled consumerism in an attempt to cover it all up.  Yet, we hope that things can be fixed and that things are going to get better.  Then we return to the realization that history and rational point us to truths that are impossible to ignore.

1) Great nations and empires, as ours, ALWAYS COLLAPSE into tyranny as their economic fundamentals deteriorate.  The West is past the historical point of no return.  A government that prints dollars to pay just the interest on the money they have borrowed is but a sinking Titanic.  The engineers of the ship will deny to the end that THEIR ship is capable of sinking!

2) History shows us that we can expect capital controls, banking controls, direct wealth confiscation, oppressive taxes, military conflict, homeland terrorist attacks, rising crime rates, rationed healthcare and social unrest.  The regulation written by the FDIC and The Bank of England is in place to bail in systemically important banks and the myRA will confiscate private retirement plans in THEIR effort to bail in the governments self purchase of T-bonds, in order to keep THEIR ship righted.

One might attempt to increase your immunity through internationalization and diversifying your life across multiple countries so that no single government has total control over you.  It is possible today to bank in one place, invest in another, structure your business in an advantageous state like Delaware, hold your gold in another, own real estate in another and have citizenship in another.  However, diversification of investments today into many baskets may cost dearly as July 1st marks the advent of new instituted capital controls, possible bank runs, pension seizures, retirement account seizures and an impending Euro and dollar currency crisis which could vanquish your life’s savings.

Your only responsibility today is not to the government but to your family.   The obvious actions should be clear and you have the responsibility to assess and take rational steps to safeguard your families’ future.  Time is of the essence, the door has closed and the window is closing.  Fail to prepare, then you must prepare to fail, while risking your lives’ earning and your families’ health and survival.

It doesn’t take a Doctorate in economics to see where all this is all going.   Continuing to provide a good life for our children will mean abandoning the past Pax Americana paradigm and embracing change, the rules of THEIR game and  subverting them.   The world may be coming to an end as it is changing rapidly, no longer monthly but daily.  Soon the America and the world we once knew will be changed forever.   The good news is that you can choose to learn to accept the changes, become self sufficient and seize opportunities or ignore the incoming tsunami until it overtakes and swallows your family.

Don’t forget that the Fed has now determined that 2% inflation rate (not deflation) is their floor, not their ceiling.  This pace will insure that prices increase 50% in the next 20 years.  We will continue to see increased government regulation, geopolitical risks in the world and a move towards anti-trade policies.  I suspect the international Euro will be the next currency to be devalued and then gold should embark on its bull run.  The stock market continues to reach new all-time highs as the bubble peak higher and investors continue to pour into the market.  Through all this I have discovered that the public ALWAYS buys the most at the top of the market and the least at the bottom.  Are you following the herd and investing in the markets that are at record highs and abandoning real assets like gold?  We have seen precious metal sales slow considerably as prices dipped below market costs caused by continued naked short selling.  Investors fail to understand that they must not allow irrational exuberance which will drive them off the cliff following the herd, but control their emotions and act prudently.   I have written before, “The herd follows so far behind they fail to see the lead bull the cliff turn to avert the cliff!”


Just one more verse from Morrison, “This is the strangest life I have ever known!”  Can you afford to lose any of the wealth you have stored in paper stocks, E.T.F.’s, and bonds?  If you don’t make the decision to protect your family who will?  Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are safe stores of wealth and insurance during this strange life we find ourselves living in!