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I just returned from the annual Freedom Fest 2014 “Is Big Brother Here?” in Las Vegas, recommended by customers from New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. You may have seen John Stossell this past weekend and again Mon. on FOX news presenting his panel discussion as well as other parts of this convention.  Great speeches were given by Steve Forbes, Dinesh D’ Souza, Michael Medved and John Stossell complete with book signings were a few highlights.  Also smaller seminars and breakout sessions allowed all the opportunity to ask questions.  We viewed numerous small & big budget films but the highlights were Dinesh D’ Souza’s “America, Imagine the World without Her?” and Ayn Rand’s capitalist classic book “Atlas Shrugged” and the answer to the question, with the film “John Galt”.  Also our festival gold bar winner is Robert Halladay  

Even with numerous speakers support for gold from Steve Forbes and others sentiment for purchasing gold and silver is low due to its price beat down over the past year.  Physical gold slams are now occurring monthly as paper gold is sold off making the hedgers rich.  I believe that the world is fed up with rigged games at the world’s expense; the petro- dollar is in its last days.

Americans in the market remain bullish yet uneasy as they attempt to convince themselves that the market will hold as they lament, “they don’t know where else to go”.  They are still hooked on the stock market drug, which is “A House of Cards”, (a great series by the way) built on counterfeit paper created by the Feds and are but grasping at new opportunities in mining, oil and gas and any new technology pitched to them.  Most admit they are worried but too greedy to break their habit and ignore the extremely high potential of a major global economic breakdown.   I am NOT shocked at their sentiment and attitude concerning the U.S. economy and the equity markets as the sheeple always BUY HIGH and SELL LOW and rarely do they do what is judicious.   Let me state emphatically, the current surge in asset prices is not a recovery but actually a bubble!

Mainstream media continues to fuel their greed and misplaced optimism.   Recently we saw the GDP figures revised lower to a more factual and not surprising negative number of -2.9 percent for 1st Qtr. yet the true facts are ignored.   Excuses are offered up such as the hot weather causing lowered productivity of Americans to fires, excessive rain, hurricanes or tornadoes.   Investors continue to act as “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it” and can’t see the forest for the trees while performing like trained seals.   Economists never correctly forecast anything, the economy has not turned around, and they will never admit that it hasn’t.   The media will, however, report the next crisis AFTER the inevitable has happened.  Those who are having a hard time making ends meet recognize that their lot is getting a lot worse and have jumped out of the pan.  High net worth individuals in the markets appear concerned, yet remain tethered acting bullish concerning their bets.  They have little interest in gold or silver that just sits there and fails to rise in value, even admitting that the paper gold has unfairly pummeled the physical price of the everlasting value and beauty of real money, gold and silver.  The puppet masters have succeeded in persuading even the extremely intelligent investor that paper is real money when it never was.  They have never experienced it and won’t until they learn the lesson the hard way.  They will be very surprised when the wheels fall off the ponzi scheme of fiat in the coming months or years.   A major global economic breakdown will happen, and the gap between the rich and the poor will increase further when the rest of the middle class lose the last of their paper wealth, joining the working poor.  The social unrest at some point will summarily boil over and rock the establishment if ENTITLEMENTS of social security, pensions END and retirement plans or savings are CONFISCATED as the government grasps at straws to keep the wheels on.   THEY know it and THEY are ready with ammo and an army on domestic soil.

Personally, over my years of investing in the stock market, I fared well.  When I began tracking our personal earnings in the early 1990’s it was fun to watch assets increase 15% to 35% a year through 2000, it was easy.  Anyone could but throw a dart at a list of stocks and watch their valuations grow.  I had a great knack for knowing when the tides would change and recall becoming edgy as the markets moved higher in 1987.  It seemed that as stocks moved higher more and more people were jumping in to gamble, investing they believed it to be.   Feeling the herd swell, I moved my funds into stable value funds in June 1987 before the October 19th crash.  Later that year, I moved back into the markets while most were still shell shocked.   I rode the next wave in 2000 and recall that I decided during practice one night that I was going to take a break and sit on the bench as the market reached 11,000 in Feb.  Again I moved into a stable value account missing the correction.  I had been a little too early moving out but it is “always better to be too early than too late”!  Are you feeling uneasy?  Will you be too early or too late?

Did you know?  Americans have endured five massive stock market bubbles in our recorded history; 1853, 1906, 1929, 1969 and 1999.  Notice, that as bad as 2008 market bubble was it was not in the top five.  Stocks today are 80% over valued on long-term measures according to research by financial consultant Andrew Smithers, chairman of Smithers & Co.  Currently the 2014 market ranks as the third highest over bought market since 1990 and 1929.  The market level we are at today is unsustainable and built on NOTHING but air.  The market today is quite different as well, corporations have borrowed Q-I counterfeited dollars to buy their own stocks and the markets are at a teetering pinnacle.  Today the system is rigged and a lot of people are going to find that out.  You see the stock market today isn’t investing at all, it is gambling.  Stock market bankers and investors (gamblers) are ‘greed stuck’ and addicted to their love of money.

The basics of stock and commodity trading are just this, for every buyer there must be a seller.  It is estimated that 95% of all investors hire a financial advisor to make their picks and 65% of the time they are losing picks.  They ingest, I meant invest, your money.  You don’t know what it costs you; there is no money back return if they lose it, a simply great deal, for them.  You could do it yourself and save the minimum 5% they charge you and still do as well or even better.  Next, if you want to buy in and think a stock is a good buy, you pay your financial advisor to buy that stock from a person who thinks it is a loser and wants to sell it.  Therefore, theoretically, 50% of the time you may make a right choice, that is a good buy, and the other half of the time it won’t be a good buy.   If the seller of your stock has some inside information propelling him to sell it means you will be on the losing side of the equation.   The only people that make money today in the markets are those who have the inside information or manipulation of trade speed and that type of trading is illegal but everyone is doing it.  If you really want to see what a “value” stock is, just look at the value of the total number of outstanding stocks in any corporation and then look at the “book” value.   Stocks are usually priced multiple times more than the book value of the corporation they represent.  Now what do you think the traders who are “in the loop” know about the stock they are selling or buying?   I’d bet my farm, that they have considerable “insider information” and you won’t know what it is.

This report will tell you exactly what everyone else is doing, if you wish to continue to follow, the “herd’s mentality”.  This report stated that 100% felt they were financially worse off than they were in 2007; family net worth is down $50,000 to $77,000 a loss of $1.6 T wiping out 20   years of their economic gains.  Only 30% of the population report having investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.   Again a larger proportion today report having a hard time making ends meet, 50% of all polled state that they don’t know who to trust, believe investing is more complicated today and fear losing what they have left.

Here is a link to the CFP, Consumer Federation of America’s 2012 Household Financial Planning Guide 2012.

This time around, instead of lending depositor’s money to borrowers who use the money to buy more stocks, the foolish bankers are borrowing money to buy their own stock.  If you are paying attention to history and learn to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and develop a “contrarian” philosophy to beat the house at their game and you should come out smelling like a rose.

Our leaders here and abroad appear hell bent in drowning us in debt speeding up the dollar currency default process.  When China has enough gold and our debt is enough, the dollar will collapse and China will inherit our old reserve currency status just as we inherited ours from the U.K’s sterling pound.   You see our government is racking up as much as debt as possible so that when it collapses and they can start fresh, just like your neighbor that  maxed out all his credit cards, took out a home equity loan and spent it all before he claimed bankruptcy.   I am sorry to admit that we are morally and physically bankrupt.

Immorality, division of the people, corrupt leadership and globalism has destroyed the U.S.   The purpose of the fiat banking system was always the same, to steal and flatten the world population’s wealth through theft, for doing nothing but creating it.  No longer is the U.S. the greatest nation of the world!  Where will the world be without America?  Those whom have scorned America as a heartless land of evil thieving capitalist immigrants will soon discover that they and the world are less well off, even starving and dying without her in her demise. All civilizations decay without the knowledge of their citizens usually in 200 years just like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome and more recently Argentina and Zimbabwe.

It is my opinion that the United States is being taken down purposely.  I say this because no sane man or woman would have put in place unconstitutional policies over the last 80 plus years that we currently have.  Think about it! Is it fair to tax one worker more than the next?  Is it fair to force working Americans to pay to support those who never work or come here illegally?   Is it fair to regulate the producers out of business?  Who in their right mind would have put NAFTA or CAFTA into place?  How was this ever going to be “good” for the American worker?  The Christian can no longer pray in public, the patriot can no longer recite their allegiance and freedom no longer rings!  Our country appears lost at sea and if you too sense that something is amiss I urge you to take immediate action today to protect your family by purchasing gold and silver!