Karl Marx once said, “Hegel remarked somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice.  He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce!”

Georg Hegel was a German idealist and philosopher and although I do not accept Marxist ideals I recognize the truth of his statement in the reality of our world today.  Will it be another war followed by depression or a depression followed by a war, another Christian Crusade to insure our public safety and solve the unemployment problem?  The populace, who must be distracted, will once again be called upon to fight a war, economic in nature, brought on by greed of a few who lack principles, integrity, honesty and competence.  It will be a farce!

Our dollar states, “In God We Trust” yet today our government hardly espouses this belief in their actions or behavior and size=3therefore, why should you?  I am not saying to not trust in God,  what I am saying is DO NOT trust in the dollar of the United States of America Corporation as a unit of wealth to store the fruits of your labor in.  The dollar is but a tool of exchange to pay for goods and services of value.  Tomorrow, maybe not so!

The money you have in ASSETS in your bank account is your banks liabilities which they in turn loan out.  Today all asset accounts are but virtual numbers on your computer screen or paper account summary at your bank or investment firm.  Actually, an imaginary digit is our monetary unit today.  These cyber accounts can in essence be deleted or partially deleted at the will of our banking authorities per their FDIC regulation or publicized cyber attack.

These banks and investment firms also store your DEBTS such as mortgages, equity lines, car loans, student loans and trade accounts as their assets.  They then re-sell your mortgages, loan your deposits for loans to others and re-sell stock or gold shares over and over again and count them each time as a new asset.  Your ASSETS are lent out at ten or more times their value or hypothecated and held as a new asset for the bank.  Your  money, which was the banks liability, has now become their asset as it was re-loaned as new loans, multiplied as much or more than tenfold and an asset on their books.   ALL liabilities have been used to create new assets held by a bank having been created out of virtual, cyber money.  They can also be deleted at the will of banking authorities or an event such as a cyber attack or hack, which happens constantly and could well wipe out all record of their debts and assets as well.   What you need to understand is that ALL your ‘money’ is but virtual money floating in their cyber space.

Dollars today have not only been devalued to a value of less than 3 cents but they are digital in the cyber banking world.  A mere flick of a keystroke adds dollars to our Federal balance sheet and another keystroke will remove it from ones bank account.   In essence, it is a unit of nothing.  Consider this, that if all the debt were suddenly gone then all the electronic assets would be gone as well.  Our current system would wither and die while hopefully returning us to gold backed currency.

Currently the Federal Reserve, being an independent corporation free from Constitutional Authority, is not required and does not follow Article 1, Section 8 and 10 of the Constitution of the United States of America which states that the dollar is supposed to be a physical item (not virtual CYBER money) composed of silver and or gold.  Congress is supposed to ‘coin money and regulate its value’ and only the states can use real money as a unit of exchange.  Many believe that this was unconstitutionally changed Dec. 23, 1913 when Congress illegally manipulated legislation leading to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which President Woodrow Wilson regrettably signed into law.  The Federal Reserve Corporation has been manipulating your money for over a hundred years with no oversight from our elected representatives.

Today four states, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona and Idaho have passed their own laws or bills allowing physical gold and silver to be used as coinage for trade within their state lines.  Eight other states are considering a return to the gold standard and have increased their call to audit the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation.  Remember Ron Paul’s correct rant, “Audit the FED”?  The media branded him a radical and disallowed him from running for President and perhaps returning the system to one of honesty.  No doubt Lincoln and Kennedy were killed because of their pursuits to restore the Constitutions protection of honest money for the masses.

The system is irrevocably broken because the elite policy makers continue to create cyber dollars, selecting recipients for their pet projects and deliver dollars of nothing for pricing manipulation for the “Captive & Not Free” global markets of the world.  The masses continue to earn fewer dollars that are worth less value because they never really understand the misdirected consequences of their actions when they clamor for cheap imported products, a cheap product FIX like a drug.  Many international nations receive their fix of handouts that never go to the people but the dictator or political power in charge for the moment.  The masses here in the U.S. receive their pittance of food stamps, public housing, welfare checks, pensions, social security, Medicare, Medicaid as their drug of choice. 

One day we will all awaken and the value of the dollar will be ZERO as will the value of all other assets you hold and therefore no monetary dollar transactions will be possible.  The dollar will be deleted from cyberspace and only be a memory in our minds because it was never more than a pricing unit, a symbol with a number value.  More likely gold will be traded beginning in October using the Chinese Shanghai Exchange beating us to the punch and both scenarios will be the most devastating travesty we will ever experience in our lifetimes.

The coming market crash may help to wake-up a few who are currently SLEEPING!  Get ready for bartering, voluntary exchanges, welfare from your neighbors storage bin and similar bartering transactions.   Their self made farce and the global fiat currencies of cyber dollars are but a new HOUSE OF CARDS which is destined for complete reset and DELETION in the very near future!   Spend and enjoy your cyber money while you can!  Our authorities are creating a new digital dollar to be installed when the N.W.O. begins!    A better day is coming (that’s my hope)!  Now is the time to learn, think and react for yourselves so you can help others learn and think!  Until then, think of real assets of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium and protect yourselves!