1 oz. American Platinum Eagle Coin


First introduced in 1997, the Platinum American Eagle is the first and only Platinum bullion coin produced by the U.S. Mint. Minted of .9995 fine Platinum, Eagles offer investors a chance to add this scarce Precious Metal to their holdings with a widely recognized, trusted product. Guaranteed for their weight and purity by the United States Treasury, these coins also feature the highest denomination ever used on a U.S. coin, with a face value of $100.

Though initially introduced in a wide variety of sizes, since 2009 the Platinum Eagle has been minted in 1 oz size only. Due to the scarcity of Platinum, many of the Platinum issues are produced in much smaller quantity than their contemporary Gold and Silver offerings, making them among the scarcest modern U.S. Mint products. This rarity makes Platinum Eagles appealing to the collector as well as the investor.